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My Favorite Sneakers

9:24:00 AM

My life is a hamster wheel of work, errands, blog, and dog (like most I'm sure). There is not much time to do anything in between nor is there much time to make myself look presentable.😂 While I love dressing cute, sometimes it's much easier to throw on my comfiest yoga pants, Brandi Melville sweatshirt, and favorite pair of sneakers. 
If I'm being honest, I'm pretty hard on my feet. The quality of shoes I have purchased have done nothing for my feet except create problems. It wasn't until I graduated college and started my career that I made shoes a priority in my wardrobe. If the quality wasn't good, or I hadn't tested them out before, then I simply wasn't buying them. I wanted to start with sneakers because I have been wearing them more and more, not only for working out but walking the dogs, running errands, traveling, etc.
My absolute favorite pair are Nike Lunarlons. I'm not sure if I'll ever buy a different type of Nike shoe again - these are that comfortable. 
I have a few different styles of the Lunarlon, but the one thing they have in common are the soles. The Lunarlon cushioning is the absolute best in my opinion. I'm able to run long distances or short, do different agility trainings (i.e. ladders, boxes, kickboxing, etc.) with no foot pain. Not to mention, these are my favorite to wear in the airport because they are incredibly comfortable! 

If you're looking for new sneakers, I highly recommend these - or at least recommend you try them on☺️! I have a few other Nike styles but I always find myself gravitating towards the Lunarlon style. There are so many different colors and variations that would pair nicely with athleisure wear or workout wear. Shop the widget above to see the styles!

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