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Wednesday Wisdom: Coping With Holiday Stress

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I'd be lying if I said I wasn't starting to feel stressed about the upcoming holidays. While this is my absolute favorite time of year, it never fails, I always have anxiety and a huge amount of stress that comes along for the ride. Whatever stressor you're dealing with: family, work, finances, etc., there are some things I have learned the past couple of years that always seem to make things better. 
1. Understand You Can't Do It All - Since I became an event coordinator/wedding planner this is my mantra. No one can do it all, especially not during the holidays. If you have a huge list of things you wish to accomplish, cross off three and pass them along to someone else or simply get rid of them. This is time of year to actually enjoy having some and you can't enjoy it if you have a huge list of things to get done. 
2. Choose One Thing That Would Make Your Holiday Season And Do That - For some, it might be to spend time with a certain person. Maybe you're craving to go ice skating or learning to ski. Maybe it's buying a puppy or not traveling this year. Whatever it is (not monetary but memory focused), do that. The past couple of years I have stopped doing what I think is expected of me and I started doing what will make me happy. Too many people run themselves thin this time of year and they lose sight of what actually matters. Instead, do what will make you feel content and just enjoy!
3. Meditate And Take Time To Relax - Finding your center can be a pretty great thing. Relaxation and time spent unclogging your brain will make you feel much more at ease this holiday season. I love to relax with hot chocolate and watch my favorite holiday movies, take hot baths, and do some yoga in the morning. Helping your body, mind, and soul relax will help you sour through the holidays without any stress. 
4. Delegate. If you're hosting a holiday dinner and are stressed about all the food you're making, delegate! Maybe you're hosting the holidays at your home - from cleaning to preparing to cooking - it can be exhausting, delegate! This is the time of year when (hopefully) lending a helpful hand is exceptionally appreciated but don't be afraid to include your family and friends. Make a game out of cleaning with the kids. Try new recipes and let others bring a dish for Thanksgiving. Whatever it may be, delegate and ask for help!
5. Spend Less, Give Away Your Time. Last year's Christmas was one of a kind, I spent more of my time then I did money and that was uniquely special. I'm not at a point in my life where I can gift lavish gifts and spend a lot of money, but my time is just as valuable. Hosting a family of Christmas, volunteering and giving back to the community is just as great or even better than spending money. I spent two weeks with my family, relaxed, and gained some personal growth.
*You will feel less pressure knowing you aren't spending as much, but you will feel more fulfilled by giving your time.

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