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Holiday Pajamas

8:23:00 AM

I love pajamas. Everyday when I get home, 99% of the time, I slip into my pj's. I love flannel sets for the winter and I tend to wear them year round - they are just that comfortable! I keep the house pretty cold since I have huskies long pajamas in the winter are a must. There are certain brands that I stick to just because the quality is impeccable and they last forever. I'm not a fan of pajamas that don't wear well, shrink, or are itchy. I've rounded up some of my favorite pj's and slippers in the widget below. These are are good quality pieces that make great gifts or are great to treat yourself too!
Why you might ask, am I fishing over pajamas? I think it runs in the family 😂 but I love have specific pieces of clothing that are worn to bed. When I get up, shower, and change, the day has started - and you can bet when I put my pajamas on that the day has ended! Shop some festive favorites below!

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