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Apple Watch 3 Review

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I was gifted an Apple Watch for my Christmas/Birthday present and to say I'm obsessed is an complete understatement. When the watch first came out, I wasn't sure what I would use it for or if I'd use it all. I would ask everyone who had the watch what their dislikes/likes were and what they used it for. After talking to quite a bit of people and reading a bunch of blogs I decided I wanted one. Then the Apple Watch 3 came out with Cellular + GPS and I knew that was going to be the perfect one for me. I decided to compile some questions that I've gotten about the watch and answer them below! 
Why The Apple Watch 3?
I received the 38mm Apple Watch 3 with Cellular + GPS. I wanted this particular one because it no longer requires you to have your phone within 30 feet to receive texts, calls, etc. I walk the dogs 5 days a week and I never bring my phone because it's too large and annoying to carry. This allows me to have some sort of communication if I needed it. When I'm at work, I generally keep my phone in my purse the whole time now because I can answer anything quickly from my watch! 
What are your favorite things about it so far?
  • My favorite part about it is not having to have my phone. I honestly hate having a cell phone, I feel like everyone is always worried about their phone. Who called, who texted, what notifications you're getting. My watch has really become a quick source of information so I can determine if I need to respond or wait until the end of the day. 
  • I love the activity tracker. The best way to start a new year is with motivation and those colorful rings on the screen are incredibly motivating! I push myself to get more steps in, workout more, take the stairs, walk more, stand more, etc. It's incredible what a little tracker can do to initiate a healthier lifestyle!
  • The "home screen" is an easy reference and I use it all day long. I am terrible at remembering what day it is. I don't work a typical Monday-Friday 8am-5pm job so I never know! I can quickly glance down and have the date and time right there. Not to mention I have the weather and activity tracker all easily accessible right on the home screen. 
  • I never miss an alarm. Whether I have to take medicine, get to an appointment, or have an important reminder - I never miss my alarm anymore! This is a big one for me because I don't carry my phone with my throughout the day so if I don't remember these things then I typically don't here my phone either!
What Do You Like About The Activity Tracker?
  • I've never had a Fitbit or other watch that kept me up-to-date about my daily activities. Well, just in the few weeks I've had it, I'm incredibly motivated to workout more and lie a healthier lifestyle. You're able to set goals for yourself when setting it up, I set them really high because I wanted to have to really work to achieve them. Somedays, I do great and complete all my rings and then some. Other days, I don't - it keeps me in check and motivates me to do that much better the next day. 
  • Seeing the number of my steps has literally become a game for me. 10,000 - then 15,000 - can I make it to 20,000? It's so encouraging to know how well you did at the end of the day and strive for more the next. 
  • Your phone records the weekly trackers. I love being able to see what days I hit the mark and what days I didn't. This year I'm all for holding myself accountable and it's virtually impossible not to with this app. 

What Color Did You Choose? 
I have the gold with pink sand watch band. Two colors that I'm obsessed with and that I would even go as far to say that they are my staple colors. I think gold is a classic and timeless color and in my opinion, blush is my neutral - it was a no-brainer.

Any Dislikes? 
  • I wish there was more "swiping" capabilities. The buttons on the side are used frequently throughout the day and I think it would be cool to make it even more touch friendly. Tap once for this, twice for that, swipe to the right, up, left, diagonal, etc. 
  • I also love/hate the fact that the front glass is the same as your phone. I've already hit it against a few doorways and tables and I cringe every time in hopes that I don't break or scratch it. Update: It already has a small scratch along the side😢

Is It User Friendly? 
Like all Apple products, in my opinion, I would definitely say yes. After a few days then weeks the watch "knows" you and your habits and you understand how it works in all the different capacities. The Watch App on your phone helps you easily set up your watch and sync it with your phone. I thought it was an incredibly easy process! The only thing I can see not being very user friendly is if you have larger fingers or hands, the apps may be too small - size up to the 42mm for a bigger screen to combat this issue!

Overall Thoughts!?
I've recommended this to everyone. I truly feel like it's worth the money - especially since I wear it everyday, from when I step out of the shower to right before I get into bed. There are so many things it can do and you don't have to have your phone out or even nearby (think of how much easier life would be at the airports🙌🏼).  I recommend to try it if you're on the fence! It's cut down the dependability of my phone and helped me distinguish the important from not-so important things throughout the day. I also am much more motivated this new year then I have been in previous, and most, if not all, of the credit can go to this watch!

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