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Showing Yourself Some Self Love On Valentine's Day

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Happy Valentine's Day Friends! While many may think this is a day where you have to have a significant other, I've taken a different approach over the years. It's so important, I've learned, to show yourself love. I love treating myself on this day, whether it's with a new pair of shoes, flowers, or indulging in delicious food (umm, hello chocolate covered strawberries).  
Practicing self-love should be a habit, a mindset or a routine. The first step is acknowledging that no matter what shape, size, situation, place or time you are in - you deserve love. Being confident in yourself, knowing your worth, and having independence from all the things that make you dependent - is so important. You should never depend on anyone to make you happy, to satisfy your needs, and fill your love tank. If that already starts with yourself - then every other love you have will be so incredibly grand. 
When my parents divorced when I was a freshman in college, I truly understood why you have to love yourself and be happy first before you can give love. My parents turned into completely different people. All the things I thought I knew about them was so, they are actually caring for themselves before anyone.
The societal standard is to find the right person, fall in love, get married, have babies, work an 8-5 job and live happily ever after. What if it went more like this: find self-love, love yourself, then do whatever the heck you want! Valentine's Day isn't to make you feel bad that you don't have a significant other, or that you're not married and don't have kids. In my eyes, it's to give you a colorful reminder to put yourself first. Once that love is found - you have everything you need to conquer the rest.  

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