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Weddings & Events: Where Should You Start When Planning Your Event?

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As an Event Coordinator my most asked question is, "Where should I start?" Thinking about the final event can seem extremely daunting and overwhelming so I wanted to share my tips on how to get you started and to keep the momentum going. 
1. Idea Dump: When planning any event I always have a million ideas and thoughts running around in my head - put it in writing! I will either idea dump all my thoughts into a notebook or a google doc page (sometimes even an email draft if I don't have my computer or notebook). This allows me to see what I'm working with and organize it from there. For example, I'm planning a baby shower later this August for one of my closest friends. I have an email draft with running ideas so I can add to it when a thought pops into my head (i.e., the grocery store, work, etc.).
Remember: this is the rough draft stage, it doesn't need to be pretty. I have yet to solidify a theme for this shower because we are catering to the baby's gender! Thus, I'm still in a rough draft stage.
2. Vision Board: This my friends is where I direct you to Pinterest. I start a lot of secret boards for events I am planning and pin any and all inspiration from there. I can then share the board with the bride, mom-to-be, etc.! Pinterest can also seem overwhelming but I use it for very specific items. For example, instead of overwhelming yourself and searching 'wedding,' try something specific you want like 'garden wedding with fairy lights.' Below is a snapshot of my party board - take a peek if you need some amazing inspiration!
3. Free Resources: There are so many free resources that can aid in your event planning. While I have my likes and dislikes about all of them they are a great place to go to get you started. The Knot, Loverly, Wedding Wire,, Glitter Guide and all house great resources to get you started. If I were you, I would download a checklist or guide/timeline and go from there. These checklists give you a rough idea of what needs to be planned/confirmed and when. 

4. Gather Notes From Friends: Word of mouth is by far the best way to gather intel. People's experiences trump anything you will find on the internet. For example, I've been racking my brain for ideas on games to play at a baby shower. Not cheesy games - chic games 😂, if there is such thing. I asked around and I found what people liked and didn't like and also found out that if you don't have something to fill the time, those baby showers can be boring! Ask around and take notes - your friends and family are some of the best resources you have. 

5. Take The First Step: With any event, getting started equates to taking action. Setting your date and booking the venue are the best places to start. For me, planning the shower is on temporary hold until I know the gender, however, I already knew what style of event I wanted to have and when - so I booked the venue. Once you have vendors booked, your stress level will significantly decrease. Start somewhere, anywhere, and solidify those large and small details! 

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