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2019 Year In Review

11:01:00 AM

What a year. I think most of us are thinking the same thing. It's been difficult scrolling through Instagram, Facebook, and just the internet in general as this was a great year for so many. I'm not saying mine wasn't great, I had a lot of wonderful moments...life changing moments...there just weren't many "rock your world" in a good way moments.

I am however, so grateful for this year. For one, things can always be much worse and I try to remember that daily. Secondly, I learned more this year then I ever have and that is something I would never take back. I do believe, we are constantly evolving as people. The life experiences we go through, shape us - change us - make us who we are today. At the start of the decade (circa 2010), I had just graduated from high school and was headed to Alaska with MTV Made. I may be the same person now, as I was then, but I love differently, I view life differently, I approach situations much differently and my outlook altogether - has changed. Breakup's, loss of relationships/friendships, financial hardships, moves, family dynamic situations, and varying work environments change us everyday.

I'm thankful for 2019. Thankful for every single thing I went through and even more thankful that tomorrow is 2020 and I can start a new chapter.

My word for 2019: Growth/Change/Evolve (all wrapped in one)
- I can attest that all that happened...it certainly knocked me off kilter but it was so worth it. It seems like yesterday that January 2019 was here. I am so excited for 2020 I can hardly stand it. I feel it coming, I feel something larger than I can imagine on its way and I'm welcoming it with open arms.

My word for 2020: Intentional
 2019 - Girl, bye!

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