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Holiday Card Reveal - Yes, From The Girl Who's Single!

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Why is it that no one sends out a holiday card if they are single? It's become a yearly tradition that families grudgingly get together in matching attire, take a million photos in a five minute time span, and then send out the holiday card to everyone in their rolodex. If you're single? That's something you would only dream of.

Here's what I think: if you're single, divorced, married, in an "it's complicated" relationship, kids, no kids, etc., - send the holiday card. Why? Because we all need to do a better job at loving who we are, accepting where we are in life, and understanding that everyone moves to the beat of their own drum timeline.

It was the Monday before Thanksgiving and I was at a local Barnes & Noble picking up a few gifts when these two twenty-something gals walked by and one asked the other, "should I like, send out a holiday card on my own this year?!" The other, baffled, responded with laughter and a big fat, "Why?!" The hopeful Christmas card sender exclaimed that she just thought it would be something fun. Her friend, unfortunately, was not onboard and said it would be totally weird! I was browsing the new release section and was chuckling to myself as I had just finalized my outfit to send out my own holiday card...with just me and my dog in it. I wanted to turn around and say "You send that card, girl" but, the social awkwardness held me back and I figured I would just write a post about it instead.

As a society, we have put so much pressure on ourselves. You have to be married in your early twenties, have two kids by the time you're 30 and your career nailed down by 25 with your retirement plan all mapped out. Earth to America - that's not real life.

What is real life? Taking time to find yourself. Finding a career that you will love going to; traveling and gaining cultural experiences, taking the time to date and finding the one whom sets fire to your soul. Sure, some people probably find this earlier on - but most do not and that is OK. I have wanted to send out my own holiday card for years; of course, when I was in a relationship but something always held me back. This year, this year was different. I had the outfit planned, photos taken, proofs sent, and cards mailed all before December 5th. I was excited to send out cards to friends and family showcasing me. The 2019 me.

I think it's pretty amazing when people write their own story and forego the societal standards that were set such a long time ago. That's what I'm doing, writing my own story and I have the beautiful holiday cards to showcase just that.

Whether you're reading this and you're already married, you have kids, you are recently divorced, widowed, single as a freaking Pringle - maybe it's just you and your cat or dog - maybe your significant other is overseas or maybe you're in an "it's complicated" relationship. Whether it be any of the above, send the damn card and be proud of who you are, and where you are in life because in 50 years, you will regret not loving these moments and cherishing the you that you once were.

P.S. Minted has my favorite selection - I've used them for baby shower invites, birthday cards, and now, my own holiday cards. The free addressing is my favorite and they are fast!!

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