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Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts For The Avid Traveler

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I stepped foot on 45-50 planes this year. I went back to try and count again but got lost once I hit 46. With that being said, I would consider myself and avid traveler - and a pretty good one at that! I was forced to find products that kept me organized and efficient while flying. A couple of things I absolutely do not travel without: my AirPods, Lo & Sons bag, extra socks, Yeti tumbler, and a case of the cosmetic essentials. I put together a wish list of items that I truly have loved using this year that are hopefully easy gifts to pick up for the avid traveler you love.

1. Elago AirPods Case - Hot Deal, $12.99! What a slick carrying case! The Elago brand is really affordable and helps keep your small AirPods in the same place (for those who are frequent to losing them lol). 

2. AirPods Pro I would love the new AirPods, I have the original and I swear by them. I use them when I workout, when I travel, and a lot of times - just around the house listening to my favorite tunes. While the price tag is $250, they are worth it in my opinion! 

3. Jet & Bo Cashmere Travel Set - I recommend a really nice travel set for those that fly on longer trips. My flights to Europe this year were a doozy and my mom had this amazing cashmere throw that I kept trying to snag! I always have a pair of socks in my Lo & Sons bag, these cashmere ones are cozy and comfy and let's be honest, super chic! 

4. Portable Charger - Another life saver - this is the best portable charger I have used.It will charge your iPhone 7-8 times! It is a bit larger and heavier, that's the only downfall in my opinion but you will always have a place to plug your phone in. *Those plug-in's on the airport chairs never work! 

5. Away Bigger Carry-On Luggage - I have heard incredible things about the Away Travel luggage. It has a removable battery pack so meets TSA standards but it's also lightweight and the hard case ensures all the goodies inside won't get damaged. 

6. Yeti 20oz. Tumbler - I always bring my Yeti when I travel. I like to have a reusable mug when I stay at hotels and at work. I will empty it and stick it in my Lo & Sons bag, then once through security I'll fill it up at Starbucks. ❤️

7. Lo & Sons OG 2 Bag - Hot Deal, 30% Off! -If you missed my soapbox yesterday, here it is again about this bag! I live for my Lo & Sons bag. As mentioned previously, I travelled every month this year - mostly for work but also for pleasure on a few occasions. I now have two Lo & Sons O.G bags and one of them has accompanied me on every single trip. For starters, the amount of pockets is insane. Everything I put in the bag, stays organized. Secondly, it slides right onto my suitcase for convenience of travel and efficiency in navigating through the countless airports. Third, it's water-proof. I've spilled water, dripped teas, and drizzled Chick-fil-A sauce and not a one stain has made it's way to actually staining this bag. I took this to Europe and was able to fit my computer, camera, shoes, souvenirs, water bottle, notebook, maps, cosmetic bag, etc., in this bag with no hassle. Lastly, it's chic AF. Period. End of Story. 

8. Stoney Clover Pouches - The avid traveler can never have too many pouches or bags. It helps keep us organized. I love these Stoney Clover pouches, you can customize them and they come in so many different sizes and colors.

9. Coin Purse - Especially if you are traveling oversees, you will use more coins and a coin purse works so much better then a wallet for them! 

10. Leatherology Privacy Luggage Tags - I had these leatherology tags, they were unfortunately taken when my luggage did not board the plane with me in Africa (long story ha!). Needless to say, I think they are great and it's handy to have one for your carry-on and checked bag that was you never forget to place a tag on your luggage. 

11. Slip Silk Hair Ties - For a long travel day, my hair either starts in a ponytail or certainly ends that way. These silk hair ties are really good for your hair and minimize breakage. 

12. AirBnB GiftCard - A super simple gift that any travel will love! Booking AirBnB's is a fun process as you are always trying to find the nicest but most affordable. Great gift idea for those who travel frequently! 

13. Travel Wallet - Hot Deal, $15.99! I bought this from Amazon for my trip to Europe this year and was pleasantly surprised by the quality. It took a two week beating being tossed from bag to bag, train to train, etc., and held up nicely! Great deal for only $16. 

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