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Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts For The Boss Babe | Working Professional

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I'm sharing some gift guides this week for anyone that needs some last minute gift ideas.😉 If your shopping is already complete and your gifts perfectly wrapped under the tree well, #kudos to you sister friend! Kicking off the gift guides with one of my favorites - gifts for the working gal. I may have only been a career woman for five years now but there are certainly some items that have made my day-to-day much easier and these are some great gift ideas for all those BOSS babes in your life. 
I am all about surrounding myself (not only with people) but with products and experiences that are empowering, motivating and uplifting. This year, I travelled every month (sometimes multiple times a month) for work. I had no other choice but to simplify my life and use products that made things easier on me but also motivated and inspired me to keep going. The best thing we can do for our gal pals is the exact same thing. What good book have you recently read that you have to share? How do you set goals, and stick to them? What are your holy grail products (** see asterisk below) that you cannot live without? What is something so simple, i.e., a keychain, that makes you smile everyday? I compiled a list of my favorite things - all make great gifts! 

1. iPad Pro & Apple Pencil - I didn't jump on the iPad train until I had to use one for work. I love the iPad Pro. It's quick and makes things more efficient. While nothing will ever replace my love for my Mac laptop, this is a close second. Also, the apple pen is a must have if you have an iPad! Great pieces for the working gal to toss in her chic workbag and head to work. 

2. Rachel Hollis books - My recommended books of the year. Rachel Hollis is a blogger (The Chic Site)  turned #1 bestselling author on New York Times Bestseller List and runs one of the most popular podcasts. She is everyone's hype gal and all women with any goals to ascertain, need to read her books. She has a goal journal (I have yet to try) that I have also heard is great and would be great coupled with a book! 

3. "Keys To The Dream House" Keychain - Hot deal, only $5! Because at the end of the day, every Boss Babe is striving and working for something and we are damn proud of what we have earned and achieved! This is something so small that can be a great daily reminder of just how well you are doing. 

4. Boss Babe Phone Pocket - Hot deal, only $8! Sticks right to the back of your phone case! I love it for business cards or if you have an ID at work/badge that you need to swipe and/or scan. 

5. Cute Pair Of Glasses - My favorite brand for glasses, Warby Parker. Ya'll I cannot rave about them enough. Give a gift card to the gal that needs a chic pair of glasses to amp up her day-today look. He/She will be able to order 5 pairs for free to try-on if there is not a store nearby (I have ordered and also been to the store - both experiences were phenomenal). 

**6. Lo & Sons OG 2 Bag - Hot deal, 30% off! This is my one soapbox I'm hoping on for this post. I live for my Lo & Sons bag. As mentioned previously, I travelled every month this year - mostly for work but also for pleasure on a few occasions. I now have two Lo & Sons O.G bags and one of them has accompanied me on every single trip. For starters, the amount of pockets is insane. Everything I put in the bag, stays organized. Secondly, it slides right onto my suitcase for convenience of travel and efficiency in navigating through the countless airports. Third, it's water-proof. I've spilled water, dripped teas, and drizzled Chick-fil-A sauce and not a one stain has made it's way to actually staining this bag. I took this to Europe and was able to fit my computer, camera, shoes, souvenirs, water bottle, notebook, maps, cosmetic bag, etc., in this bag with no hassle. Lastly, it's chic AF. Period. End of Story. 

7. Rothy's Flats - Flats that are machine washable. I repeat, shoes that you can actually put in the washing machine! These are great for the gal that is always on the go. Anyone else have feet that sweat? What about you ladies that work in the southern states and must wear closed-toed shoes (um, can you say hot!)? You can get these dirty, sweat in them, etc., and then throw them in the wash to clean them up. #canigetahallelujah?

8. "Pretty Little Things" Fashion Pouch - We all have that pouch or baggie at work that stores chapstick, tampons, hair ties, comb, deodorant, you name it - gift her something pretty to store it all in. 

9a.  Day Designer Planner - I have tried countless planners and I recently just picked up the Day Designer x Target planner - it's my favorite planner that I have ever tried! 

9b. Cultivate What Matters 2020 Powersheets - Back to goal setting. Most individuals are visual, they have to see things to believe things. That is the purpose of goal sheets. These 2020 Powersheets by Cultivate What Matters are amazing. The planner dives into fears, failures, successes, the "need to work on's" and so-on. It makes you write things down and work towards your goal - it's a very visual process that helps you digest and map out the goals you have set for yourself. A great gift for all working gals as they head into the new year. 

10. Kate Spade street i.d. card holder - A chic card holder case. I love my Kate Spade card holder, it stays put in my Lo & Sons bag for easy access to hand out a card or two whenever I'm out and about on business. 

11. Cute Desk Calendar - This is a cute calendar I picked up about a month ago. I work hard, so I can gain memorable experiences. This calendar is a subtle reminder of all the travels I want to save up for and take. 

12. Create & Cultivate Summit Tickets - Create & Cultivate is an online platform and conference for women looking to create & cultivate the career of their dreams. They host conferences/summits nationwide where thousands of women gather to hear from all the best entrepreneurs in the business. Speakers such as Meghan Markle, Martha Stewart, Kim Kardashian, Chrissy Teigan, Jessica Alba, Lauren Conrad and Rachel Zoe have all been guest speakers at these events. The price tag for general admission is $350 but what they walk away with is not a stellar swag bag but inspiration, motivation, and knowledge from the best in the biz. 

Share any other gift ideas you have for the boss babe in your life below! 

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