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Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts For The Fitness Guru

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This year, I committed to really working out and getting into shape...and maintaining it. It started with running, that was the only thing that would help me relieve stress after work - that, and it made sure my dog always got her exercise. From there, I've added in a workout routine that I do at home. My philosophy, you don't have to have a gym membership to get a workout in. Having a dog is great because it holds you accountable in ensuring they get exercised, there are also so many great apps (Sweat and Shawn Booth two of my favorites) that allow you to workout in the comfort of your home. I've compiled a handful of gift ideas for those fitness lovers in your life or maybe someone who is looking to get back on track, I use resistance bands religiously and I live for my AirPods. I'm a frequent flyer for anything at Athleta and I love my Lululemon's also where I picked up my APL shoes that I swear by for working out! See more picks below! 
1. Apple Watch - The new Apple Watch Series ya'll - so good! The Series 3 that I have is great and does the job but the new version looks amazing. This is great gift to hold people accountable! With them having cellular too it's incredibly convenient and I love not having to bring my phone on runs, it connects to my AirPods and allows me to download all my Apple Music. 

2. Resistance Bands - Hot deal, $13.50! Great for at home workouts and super simple stocking stuffer.

3. Outdoor Voices OV Kit - I've been meaning to try this brand for awhile now, I've done my fair share of research as I typically do if I'm going to spend $100 or more on something ha, and from what I've heard is that these workout pieces are amazing! They can be purchased in kits, which makes it an easy gift if you know what size you're shopping for. You also get 20% off your first order so might as well order something for yourself tooπŸ˜‰

4. Lululemon Yoga Mat - You may be thinking, why pay $78 for a yoga mat? Well, it's just that good. I've had my Lulu yoga mat for about 5 years now. It's no-slip, great grip and easy to clean. I've got my money's worth, I use it as my mat when I workout at home, I swear by it!

5. Dagne Dover Landon Carry-All Bag - This brand, oh my goodness. This bag is next on my list to purchase. The quality is impeccable and it makes for an easy work to gym to home carry-all bag. It comes in many different sizes and colors for unique customization. In life, we are all about practicality and this my friends, with all the pockets and uses, would be so practical! 

6. AirPods Pro - I'm a music guru...especially when I workout. My AirPods are my favorite and I can't recommend them more! 

7. Booty Bands by Tone It Up - Hot Deal, $9.99! Feel the burn with the booty bands. I love these and use them with my workouts, I have the "peachy" one. You can find these are Target too! 

8. Athleta Stocking Cap - I'm that person that still walks and runs my pup regardless of the temperature. With that said, some days it's freezing out and a cap is necessary. I love this one as it's thick!  

9. Athleta Reflective Running Hat - I'm a sucker for a cute hat, how adorable is this animal print one?! That and it's reflective! 

10. Yeti Rambler 20oz Tumbler - One should always hydrate before, during, and after a workout - this yeti is my favorite! Greta stocking stuffer idea too!

11. Socks - great stocking stuffer idea!

12. APL Techloom Wave - These are a pair of workout shoes that I wear running and for regular cardio/lifting/HIIT workouts. These and a certain style of Nikes (the don't make anymore) are my favorite! I've tried most popular brands of shoes throughout the years so I can attest that these are excellent. 

13. ClassPass - This is a pass that allows you to try multiple classes at different participating studios. There are 100's of studios in the city and this would allow me to try what I wanted, without the commitment of a contract. I also think it's great to mix up workout routines as many people get bored and stop! Gift the gift of no commitment and ability for them to try what they would like. 

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