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The Power Suit

12:40:00 PM

There is one outfit that everyone has that makes them feel different. A good different. Like the kind of different that makes them feel like superwoman. They feel empowered, powerful, strong, #likeaboss, and just comfortable. For me, that's how I feel in this suit. I have wanted a pink suit since I could remember so I bit the bullet on Cyber Monday. I decided that I needed a suit for 2020 that would set the tone of the year. Weird? No. How you dress and how you present yourself can manifest into so much more then just looks. Confidence, motivation, and determination are all outcomes of a tastefully curated wardrobe. When I worked from home, sure, there were some days where I would dawn workout attire but 90% of the time, I got dressed and wore clothes that made me feel like I could tackle the day. You have to dress for success...dress for yourself...dress for what you aspire to be. That's why I love fashion. I can express myself in ways that I might not be able to find words for.

This is a "power" suit. It's one that makes me feel, as a woman, powerful. At first, taking these photos was incredibly awkward...I stuck out like a sore thumb ha! Then I realized something, why should I be embarrassed for wearing something that I absolutely love? My mindset instantly changed. You shouldn't seek approval of others for how you look or what you are wearing, if it makes you feel good then that's all that matters. You will be your best you when you dress how you want. Why? Because confidence will be radiating through you and nothing, I mean nothing, is prettier then someone who loves themself and is confident. So, go find your power suit. Go find the outfit that makes you feel your absolute best - and then, show it to the world!

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