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Friday Favorites

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Sharing some of my favorites from this week on my new 'Friday Favorites' series!
1. Laundry | The Laundress & Le Labo
If I had to pick a favorite chore, it would be laundry..then vacuuming 😂. I loathe dishes and deep cleaning the bathroom but laundry...I'll do that all day. I always get compliments on how my laundry smells. For the longest time I was only using Tide then I was introduced to Fine Wash Detergent. I have used Tyler Detergent in Diva for awhile on strictly towels and sheets (I love it) but recently decided to try The Laundress. The Laundress has a detergent in partnership with Le Labo, a high-end perfume company that I had always had my eye one.

A blogger mentioned they were having a one-day sale on New Year's Day so I jumped at the chance and purchased two bottles. Keep in mind, I use "fancy" detergent for sheets/towels/blankets and regular detergent for my day-today attire. I find that the detergent scent lasts longer and isn't as harsh on bedding and towels as other detergents.

What I love:
  • It smells heavenly! It actually smells like a perfume I bought in London last year.
  • It's very concentrated so a little goes a long way. 
  • It's clean, green, biodegradable! 
  • Works in HE washers
  • They will send you 20% off when you sign up. It's the perfect time to buy 4 bottles that will last you through the year. Each bottle in a HE washer gets you 16 washes!
A few other items I've loved and purchased from The Laundress: sweater comb, wool & cashmere spray, lavender pouch for closets/drawers. 

2. Birthday Present: Clare V. Foldover Clutch
I first came across this clutch circa 2014. Do any of you remember following bloggers way back then? That's when I started my blog and every blogger around had this clutch. It's not something I would ever splurge on for myself. A practical handbag or quality pair of shoes? Sure. But a clutch...definitely not. It was my birthday present this year and I'm so excited! I feel like a grown-up having such a lovely clutch to carry around. #carriebradshawmoveovergirl

3. Drinking More Water | Favorite Water Bottles
A goal of mine this year is to drink 1/2 my body weight in ounces a day. This may seem like an easy feat for many but I do not love water. It's boring and always makes me feel bloated. I took my goals and resolutions head-on this year and have thus far, done a pretty good job with drinking more! I use my 26oz yeti and 24oz Starbucks tumbler. I've found that I drink more if I can drink out of a straw, I just end up chugging water from my yeti just to get it over with 😂. I do love lemon water and try to drink that most of the time!
4. Writing Down Goals/Visions Everyday
As I mentioned in Monday's post - I have been following the Rachel Hollis goal planning this year. Part of that is using one of her 'vision journals' to write down your goals and items you are grateful for, daily. I keep the journal by my bed and instead of scrolling through my phone before bed, I will write down my 10 goals for the year and five items I'm grateful for. Thus far, I've developed a good routine with it and I actually love that I'm acknowledging my goals every single day. Typically, we set a goal, resolution, or intention for the year and revisit it later on when we didn't accomplish it. Well, this is actually holding me accountable to keep striving for progress and I feel that since I'm establishing this routine, the goals will become a "routine" thing I establish as well.

I also love that you have to write down what you're grateful for. Somedays are difficult - maybe nothing of importance happened or the day was just mundane, it brings to light that you have so much to be thankful for (i.e., roof over my head, technology, rain, etc.). I get stuck sometimes thinking that things will never get better - I'll never meet someone, I'll never have a baby, I'll never be successful, etc. Acknowledging things in my life that I'm grateful for and realizing that I could be in a much worse off situation keeps me grounded.❤️

5.  Music Playlists Must-Haves
I listen to music, all-day, everyday. It's on in the background when I work, I have it on when I workout, in the car and I'm always jamming out to something while making dinner. Certain playlists help get rid of the "analysis paralysis" I go through on a daily basis - for those of you that don't know what that is, it's those certain type of people that cannot turn their brain off. Constantly thinking and wheels turning and over-analyzing every situation. I get lost in music and work...and that I can handle!

These are my three current favorites on Apple Music:

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