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Friday Favorites

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Sharing a round-up of my favorite happenings, people, and products from this week. Happy Friday all! 
- You may have seen these posted on my Instagram a couple of times, well, the hype is real - I'm obsessed! Since I work from home, I do get ready for the day and I end up wearing my Birdies all day in the house. You can also wear them outside, I haven't yet as it's been snowing and wet! I battle tendonitis in my foot so the hardwood floors offer no support when I'm moving around all day but never fear, Birdies to the rescue. They offer free shipping + free returns and their seasonal styles are currently on sale - how cute are these

2. Rachel & Dave Hollis Live - Everyday on Facebook or Instagram @ 9am CST
- I've talked about Rachel & Dave Hollis before on my Friday Favorites but they just keep getting better. Every weekday, they do a 30 minute live and it's always based on a different topic or they'll have a guest host. Background on Hollis Co., Rachel has published two New York Times bestseller books - I highly recommend adding them to your reading list. Not only inspiring but they are incredibly motivating for us 'goal setters.' Her husband, Dave, is releasing his book in March - I've preordered and just purchased tickets for his book tour. I'm not kidding when I tell you these two are great! 
I'm a firm believer that everyone should have a mentor, while I don't know Rachel or Dave Hollis personally, I feel the advice they give and the mentorship they offer in their books, blog, podcasts, and daily live is too good to pass up. 

- We all have times when we need to laugh. Anytime I need to pick up my mood, Heather is my go-to gal. Ya'll - she is hilarious. I about died last night watching her stories, she is currently living the American Dream in Asia. Go watch. No Regrets. 

- I'll be the first to admit, I have expensive taste. My friends will send me a few options to choose from if they are redecorating, purchasing a new pair of shoes, clothes, makeup, etc. and ask for my opinion - 100% of the time I pick the most expensive option. It's a gift. My problem? I have Gucci taste on a Kohl's budget. Well, I hit the jackpot the other night and found a shop (definitely coming from China) that had the cutest tops that looked like they were straight from Gucci on Rodeo Drive. I ordered two items, I'll let you know how they pan out but this new world of Amazon Fashion might have just changed my world. 
5. Home Refresh
- The living room received a bit of a refresh the other day. I love how I can switch out the art on my Samsung Frame TV - I chose a Monet that is bright to bring some light in since the days are dreary. I'm looking to do a throw pillow swap soon, I love these from Little Design Co. Swapping pillows, adding a new fragrance, changing art, and adding fresh flowers are my tips for a home refresh! A new look and feel without breaking the bank. 

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