Slip Skirt, 2 Ways - Valentine's Day Outfit - Tay Meets World

Slip Skirt, 2 Ways - Valentine's Day Outfit

6:00:00 AM

I am all for a slip skirt. They are so flattering and a great breakaway from the day-to-day denim most of us wear. I picked up this skirt at Loft and styled it two ways, by simply switching out jackets and shoes! I'm a firm believer that to buy something, I have to be able to wear it more ways than one - that's why you'll see me frequently style pieces 2-3 ways. I loathe when I see a blogger post a super cute top...and never post about it again because I am always left wanting to see more. I get it, that's the aesthetic we go for but honestly, that's not real life to me so bring on the multiple ways to wear pieces! 💕

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