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Tips For Packing For International Travel

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I've travelled to 7 international countries and thankfully, learned a thing or two about packing for international tips. My first trip to Europe, I made the mistake of packing a checked bag, and a carry-on. I didn't wear 50% of what I brought and there were pieces that I was missing and wished I had. The second time around, I packed one suitcase but still could have condensed to a carry-on. 
Note: Europe is much easier to navigate if you have smaller suitcases, backpacks, duffles, etc. The cobblestone is brutal...the Paris metro is even more brutal, there are so many stairs, and with a 30-40lb checked bag it makes traveling to and from airports, train stations, etc., less than ideal. 
What to know beforehand: 
- Weather | Make sure to continuously check the weather forecast 1-2 weeks before the trip leading up to the day before as things can change drastically. 
- Activities | I find it helpful to have a general itinerary. We can always stray from the itinerary but we plan big activities (beach day, excursions, hikes, etc.) beforehand that way we can pack appropriately for what we are doing. 
- Stay | I typically don't travel with a hairdryer. I will air dry my air when I can but I check beforehand where we are staying to see what accommodations they offer. That will depend what I bring or leave behind. Example, a lot of AirBnb's have an umbrella - something so simple yet you will definitely want if you are caught in the rain while wondering the streets of Paris. 
Plane Ride: 
- Travel Pillow | This was one of my best investments last trip. I had a memory foam one and my mom purchased one that had a massaging capability. At any rate, it comes in handy on 5+ hour plane rides. We try to fly overnight so we arrive in a new country the next day so I get on the plane with plans to sleep the whole time. 
- Wrap or Blanket | I would recommend a cashmere wrap here but know that some people bring a blanket. The wrap can served dual purpose and keep you warm on the plane but also be a great addition to your evening outfit when the temperatures drop and you are going to dinner. 
- Headphones/Noise-Cancelling Headphones | I will forever love my AirPods and I always make sure they are packed in my carry-on. There are some great noise-cancelling options too if you have a hard time sleeping on a plane. I actually put on airplane white noise when I go to bed (I cannot stand the silence) lol so I have no problem sleeping on a plane!
- Comfy Socks or Slipper Shoes | I would bring fuzzy socks or wear Birdies on the plane. They are my absolute favorite shoe - I wear them in the house every single day. 
- Cozy Travel Outfit | Wear fabrics that give, are soft and easy to sit in. There is nothing worse than being on a plane for 5 hours only to have your jeans dig into your stomach or your yoga pants start to cut off your circulation 😂. 
- Carry-All Cosmetic Case | In my carry-on, I have a mini cosmetic case packed with the following: wet wipes, hand sanitizer, lotion, chapstick, lipgloss, compact mirror, Bobbi pins, hair tie, Tylenol, allergy medicine, back up feminine products, makeup brush, and touch up concealer. I can then take this and throw it in my day-bag.
- The Best Carry-On You'll Ever Have | I've preached about this carry-on before, it makes traveling so easy. Whether you are traveling for work or play - this is my favorite carry-on that keeps me organized! 

What to wear: 
- Layers | Hands down my biggest recommendation in terms of attire is to pack pieces that you can layer. Basic t-shirts, denim jacket, lightweight sweater, cotton dresses, cashmere wraps, etc. It doesn't matter where you are traveling in Europe - colder climates require layers due to frigid temperatures, warmer climates require layers due to warmth during the day but chilly temperatures in the morning and evening. 
- Sneakers | My second biggest recommendation is to bring your most comfortable pair of sneakers. I wore sneakers almost everyday except the really warm days in Paris and in Nice, then I wore my most comfortable sandals. Sneakers can still be cute ya'll - see how I've styled them here and here. 
-Hat | I wore a hat 90% of the time - so did my mom and sister. When you are outside walking all day it's just good protection to safeguard yourself against the sun. We spent hours in the cutest hat shop too and purchased two more hats 😂. 
- Dresses & Skirts | If you are traveling Spring-Fall I cannot recommend wearing cotton dressed and skirts enough. Why? 1. These are easy pieces that make getting dressed a breeze. 2. They are very comfortable and you can still layer on top to keep warm or remove layers to cool down. 3. They're cute! For those that find taking photos important a dress or skirt is easy to wear that also photographs well. 
- Sunglasses | I never left our flat without my sunglasses - when you are outside all-day it's necessary to protect your eyes too! Even in snowy climate areas, sunglasses will protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. 

Tip: Check all your electronic products you are bringing to Europe beforehand to see if they will need a converter. None of my products use a converter. My sister actually fried my curling iron because she plugged it into a converter instead of the adapter. 

- Travel Adapter | I purchased mine off Amazon and it works like a charm. I should probably invest in one that is a bit more heavy duty but one from Amazon or Target will work great! 
- Converter (if needed) | The only item we've brought that needed a converter was a GoPro. My T3 curling iron/hairdryer and Apple products will use a regular adapter. You can check the packaging your products come in and it will tell you if it needs a converter!
- Portable Charger | A portable charger is a must. It never fails, someone's phone always dies during the day. A backup charger can save you! Especially if you are the one with the travel plan, or to access your saved maps, take photos, etc.! 
- Google Maps | Did you know you can save pinned google maps? This was one of my most helpful tips for our first trip to Europe. We went old school, map and compass. Just kidding on the compass, but neither myself or my sister had a travel plan. Before the trip, I saved maps with pinned locations of where we were 
- Google Drive | Make sure you have the Google Drive app downloaded to your phone. I store copies of all my I.D.'s here in the event that they are stolen. I also save maps and tickets to the drive so I can access anytime. Think of items that go in your wallet - can you store in your Drive? It's much safer to do so! 
- Camera or Phone | My mom and sister both had their phone, and I will say - iPhones have one of the nicest cameras on the market right now. I Brough my DSLR just because I like the ability to shoot in RAW and have editable images that can printed or blown up to print and frame. 
- All Chargers | If you are going with multiple people - my recommendation is that you all bring your own chargers. I brought all of my own by my family did not and therefore we had to strategically plan who would use the adapter when - save yourself the headache! Also, most adapters have a USB port so you can just bring the cable of your charger. 

Pouches & Bags: 
- Coin Purse | You will use a lot of coins in Europe, a coin purse is necessary, otherwise your wallet becomes stuffed. You will also not have to pull out your wallet every time you want to purchase something.
- Travel Wallet | I bought this $14 travel wallet for my last trip to Europe and loved it. While the quality most likely won't stand the test of time, for $14 I thought it served it's purpose well and kept everything together. 
- Cosmetic Bag | A good cosmetic case can make your life so much easier. You want to find one that holds all of your necessities and packs nicely. I use this one I've had since college - it just holds everything so nicely. 
- Charger Case |  Such an underrated bag - there's nothing worse then traveling with 5 chargers and pulling out a wad of cords from your bag. Use a pouch to keep them all organized and available for easy access. 
- Jewelry Case | Something you definitely have if you plan to bring jewelry, although, I wouldn't bring very expensive pieces. This is the best way to keep all of your jewelry organized and untangled. 
- Mini Cosmetic Pouch | This is what you want to have, in addition to your other cosmetics. For me, this is packed in my carry-on and then I toss it in my day bag so I can have necessities when I'm out and about. 
- Travel Tote Bag or Backpack | One of us brought a packable tote bag, this came in handy for our beach day! I highly recommend a tote if you are going to the beach or a backpack if you plan to go hiking or on excursions. 
- Day Purse | Find a purse that zips...or has a hidden closure. I prefer using a purse that is crossbody so I can hold it in front of me in crowded places. We have had a run-in with an attempted pick pocketer so it's better to be safe!

**These are in addition to what you would normally bring!
- Sunscreen | You should always wear sunscreen, but I make sure to have extra when I travel. I've had my run-in's with really bad sunburns. We packed 2-3 travel size sunscreens, they came in especially handy for our beach day. 
- Travel Hair Oil or Serum | Airplanes will suck you dry, including your hair. I always bring a travel-sized hair oil to use on my hair to keep it moisturized throughout our trip./ 
- Comfortable Hair Ties | Joining the #scrunchiregang here but I love these, especially for traveling. They are comfortable to wear and are better for your hair then normal hair ties. 
- Hydrating Face Masks | Going back to how dry airplanes are, make sure you hydrate your skin too! I always tuck 2-3 facemarks in my cosmetic bag that I can use while traveling. Extra hydration is necessary to keep your skin glowing and radiant on your travels. 

Other Necessities: 
- Wet Wipes 
- Hand Sanitizer 
- Packable Water Bottle
- Emergen-C 
- Locks for Suitcases

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