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Wearing Culottes

6:00:00 AM

This time of the year is the worst in my opinion - we all have the winter blues, it's cold, the days are dark and dreary, we're deprived of Vitamin D because the sun rarely shines, and we dress for warmth - not to look cute. No fun right?  I typically get to that point and have to force myself out of the winter slump. This is the time of year where I will start pulling out pastel colors, florals, and try a few new wardrobe pieces. If I dress like spring, then it will start to feel more like spring...#mykindoflogic

I first saw these pants on online a few weeks ago and put them in my cart right away. I love the button detail and color variety but knew I needed to try them on. I visited my local Loft store and grabbed each color - ya'll they are so cute, and so flattering on! They run TTS and the fabric is slightly stretchy which makes them very comfortable to wear. You can easily wear these to work or keep it casual for weekend errands. 

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