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Traveling For Work? Here's Your Best Tips

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Last year, I travelled all year for work. I loved it - it's exciting to be on the go and to visit new places. It's rejuvenating almost - to step into an airport, you feel a bit like you have the world at your finger tips. Maybe that's why I love traveling so much? Traveling for work however, is very different then traveling for pleasure. You are on a schedule, you have deadlines, you have to manage work while bouncing from airport to airport and plane to plane. You have to be efficient, pack light, and honestly be prepped for anything. Men have a much easier time traveling in my opinion - it's us gals that have more to worry about (cosmetics, high heels, purses, etc.).

What To Pack: 

  • Clothes that are not prone to wrinkling. For us gals, this will make your life easier as you won't have to worry about steaming or ironing. There are great no-wrinkle shirt and suits options these days. 
  • Two Different work shoes, depending on how long you're gone. Make sure you can wear each with at least 50% of your outfits. I would typically rotate between two pairs of flats and Brough tennis shoes for working out. 
  • All things tech - this is a wonderful organizer that I highly recommend! 
  • Emergency Kit: This is always packed for me and I just keep it my suitcase. It holds hand sanitizer, wet wipes, Clorox wipes, lotion, chapstick, feminine products, bobbi pins, hair tie, sample size cover-up or foundation, compact mirror, lipgloss, Tylenol, Allergy Medicine, bandaid, Kleenex! 

What To Wear On The Plane:
Most of the time, you have to go from plane to meeting so dressing in professional attire on the plane is necessary. You want to keep in mind these 4 things for clothes when traveling for work:

  • No-Wrinkle 
  • Comfortable
  • Breathable
  • Professional
One of my best kept secrets - these pants. They are the most comfortable, albeit not the most flattering, but when I go from plane to meetings from work I need to look professional without being totally uncomfortable on the airplane. Another best kept secret are sweater blazers! A blazer without the discomfort - hallelujah! Dress up the look with a blouse tie top underneath. You can keep it untied on the plane and tie it into a nice bow once you step off for instant "put-together-ness." Lastly, these shoes - Rothy's are made from recycled material so that's already a win but they are also washable. Feet sweat, it's gross, and you don't want to feel gross while traveling (there are already enough germs) so wear shoes that are breathable, yet chic.

Getting Through TSA:
You know how we all use our phone as our ticket? Well, I spent 45 minutes in the TSA line only to get to the security guard, tried using my app, but the scanner wouldn't scan my ticket like it had the 100 people before me. I was mortified because I had to sprint back to the counter, print my ticket, and go through the TSA line again. Needless to say, I never, ever rely on technology when traveling anymore. I either print my ticket at home or just print it before I step in line for those just in case moments.

  • Have your air carrier apps downloaded! These will hold your ticket. I always have a printed copy too just in case. 
  • Bring your passport - a lot of airports are changing regulations on traveling with your driver's license. You don't want to get to the airport only to realize your ID is not accepted. 
  • Socks - I pack socks in my Lo & Son's bag and put them on as I'm taking my shoes off (typically wearing flats with no socks on). 
  • I've gotten TSA down pat by now...I can't recommend enough having a tote/briefcase/travel carry-on that keeps things organized. You will have to pull out your computers, iPads, cosmetics so I keep it all in my Lo & Son's bag for easy access. 

Tips Not To Miss: 

  • Reusable Water Bottle: I pack my Yeti tumbler (empty) in my carry-on, once through TSA I head to Starbucks to fill it up and 99.9% of the time treat myself to a coffee. I love having a reusable bottle when I travel. A lot of hotels have added the water bottle refill stations and if I'm driving from city to city I will always have water. It keeps me hydrated! 
  • Hairdryer As A Steamer: Don't want to pack a steamer? Great, use a hairdryer. Most of the clothes I packed last year didn't wrinkle but in the happen chance they did I took a quick hairdryer to it to get the wrinkles out. 
  • Flint Lint Roller: My dog follows me wherever I go, I'm always finding husky hair leftover. These are the best lint rollers as they can be tossed in your purse, carry-on, etc., and take up little to no space. 
  • Extra Socks: When traveling for work, most woman don't have socks on with their high heels or flats. I always, always, bring socks in my carry-on tote. As I have to take my shoes off through TSA, I slip my socks on. Think about the hundreds of people that walk through do not want to be barefoot. Just saying.

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