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Fitness Favorites & Offers For Being Stuck At-Home

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Most of us are going on official lockdown, if not already. Thankfully we are still able to go outside and move our bodies. I know for some, that's not the first choice as you prefer a gym so I rounded up my favorite workout gurus/apps to help get you through quarantine!
My biggest advice for you during this time: move your body and get outside. For your own darn sanity - you HAVE to get fresh air and those endorphins will boost your mood and keep you uplifted. This is a trying time for all, let's work it out together!

Tone It Up - Two of my favorite gals, Karena & Kat, founders of Tone It Up, are doing Live 30 minute Instagram workouts! I've attached the schedule below, just go make sure you are following the corresponding Instagram account and have notifications turned on so you are notified when it starts. Also, they made their Tone It Up app free for the next 30 days for new members!

Pelaton - 90-day Free Trial! My bestie from 'Behind The Chaos' let me know they have a bunch of different workouts, not just woke or running related. Score!

FitwithASD - Grace White, she is not just a babe but ultimate GOALS. She has a program, FitwithASD where she shares her daily burn workout, recipes, and all kinds of workout tips/tricks. You can subscribe for $8.99/month.

High Fitness - 45 Minute Workout on Youtube. I have always wanted to go to a high fitness class, there are unfortunately none where I live. You can complete a workout class from their YouTube channel. SO MUCH FUN

BBG - Bikini Body Guide by Kayla Itsines. I've done BBG before and loved it. I've learned so much from Kayla that I can typically do a session by myself without having to reference anything at this point. 0.66 cents a day and all the workouts you can do from home!

Favorite Instagram For Quick Tutorials: Cara Loren I always reference and save her Instagram videos of workouts and reference them. It's really good to add in new moves/work new muscle groups and she is great at switching it up. Plus she is #momgoals all the way!

Here are the items I use for at-home workouts. Most of the following is on sale as well:

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