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Friday Favorites | 5 Ways To Give Back

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Happy Friday! I can say with conviction that I'm impressed we all made it through the week. The tumultuous state of everything we are dealing with is feeling quite beyond anything, anyone can control at this point. I've always been someone whom, when the going gets tough, I get tougher - that's just the way I was raised. I've bent trying to live by that these past few days but it's certainly not easy. 
So what are we going to do? Put so much joy and happiness back into the world things will have other option than to change 😂. Give back, lend a hand and let's kick things back into gear!
1. Give the gift of help | Help hold open a door, help your elderly neighbor, walk a dog, help entertain the kids across the street, help your child's class come up with more activities, etc. Just do something to be kind and helpful. The smallest things matter much more exponentially than we can imagine. 
2. Shop local & small | If you're bored and want to shop - consider shopping small first. Those small boutiques and online shops live for your purchases. Whether you are buying gifts for a birthday, Easter, Mother's Day, or yourself order online or call! A lot of smaller shops will take orders over the phone! 
3. Volunteer Or Foster A Pet | Now is a great time to volunteer at shelters if help is needed or foster a pet. You are at home, it's a wonderful time to get acquainted with your new family member and train them at home! 
4. Donate | If you are struggling financially, by no means give beyond what you can. If you can however, I recommend donating to local food banks or local charities that are helping those in need. 

5. Donate Blood | I would give anything to be able to give blood. My veins are too small and too deep - I went in for bloodwork a month ago and was poked 5 times by 3 different people, they used the butterfly (baby) needles and I had even drank a gallon of water that day😂. When they found a vein twice, nothing came out! I've attempted to donate, but they won't allow it because of the amount of times they have to stick me. What I'm saying is - if you can give, please do! There is a blood shortage with everyone staying in right now and blood banks would seriously welcome your donation! 
6. Spread Joy | The news is our source of information of all that goes on in the world. Let the news do what their job and let's spread joy instead. Sharing fun memes, uplifting messages, sending virtual notes, Facetiming or Skyping parties, writing uplifting messages, commenting nice things, sharing funny stories, sharing positive and bright photos, etc. Be the reason for someone's joy today. 

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