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Friday Favorites | Spreading Joy Edition

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In continuing to choose joy, I wanted this Friday Favorites edition to be positive. So share the light and blessings that are happening right now and not dwelling on all the things that are out of our control.

Wearing my #AustraliaStrong tee my bestie bought me. All proceeds went to the Australia Wildfire Warriors Organization Relief. You can shop the tee here

1. Australia Wildfires Declared Clear : Remember a month ago when the world came together over the tumultuous wildfires in Australia? They have been declared clear! Foliage and greenery is starting to sprout in forests across the country. I would also like to note that my Koala, Jimmy Jams, is doing great! I received my official adoption certificate last week. ❤️

2. Air Pollution Reduced : Air pollution and the presence of NO2 gas has been significantly reduced with the universal lockdowns being instituted. Does this mean that overtime it will all be reduced? NO. What this does mean however is that the entire world has conducted a large-scale experiment for us to actually see viable results in the reduction of NO2 gas from a reduction in usage of pollution-causing vehicles, manufacturing plants, etc. For now, since we are lockdown and can only go outside for exercise the air quality is up, that's a positive in my book and makes being outside much more enjoyable! 👏🏻

3. Sewing Masks : People from all over the globe are sewing masks! 😷 Is this going to solve the shortage? No. What it is doing is cultivating an incredible sense of community and offering relief to hospital workers around the nation for fear they do not have the proper PPE equipment. Fashion designer's teams, major brands, companies donating funds, small community sewers, etc., all are taking part in doing their part for the community. 

We have so much hate in the world. It might've taken a global pandemic, but I think it's incredible how this has brought everyone together despite their gender, ethnicity, race, age, etc. That is something to be so proud of! 💕

4. Time : Time is a valuable thing. Although we are dealing with a crisis and this is not to discredit the severity of the situation. Most people have been gifted with some time. Time at home, to cultivate relationships with their family, to do all those things you've always wanted to do, just never had the time. I'm hopeful that from this, we can all learn not to take time for granted as who would've thought we would be dealing with a global pandemic? Write that book, book that trip, start that business, start a savings plan or new budget, commit to becoming healthier, spend valuable time with your family - whatever it is, just do it! 

5. Small Accomplishments : I think one thing we all need to start appreciating is everything we accomplish in a day - those are small feats that add up to be one larger feat! Did you meal prep? Finish a project at work? Get 30 minus of exercise? Clean or organize something that's been on the list for a long time? Give yourself a pat on the back! We are all doing the best we can do at this point, be kind to yourself just as you are for others. 

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