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Friday Favorites

1:41:00 PM

Happy Friday! What a week - I'm super excited for what next week will bring. Until then, here are my favorites for this Friday!

1. Spring Cleaning & Purging | 
Spring cleaning is in full force around here. I'm already neurotic about cleaning (it's the dog - I blame her 😂) but I do like to give the home a complete refresh when the seasons change and clean areas that are not on my normal cleaning list. Some products that I love using are Meyer's (the peony scent is heaven), and I love my Febreze filters for my vacuum!

2. Statement Earrings |
There are so many adorable statement earrings out. I love that this trend still hasn't gone out of style. Just in time for spring, you pair any of the beauties with your wardrobe to add a bit of brightness.

3. Do Something Good | 
What goes around comes around...or so I believe. I try to, once a month, pick up trash on my street. I live in the city so it's dirty all the time. I loathe litter and I hate living around trash - especially when I have a dog that is outside twice a day running and walking around the neighborhood. I'm also a firm believer that together, we can really improve the world - so I'm hopeful that if kids or adults alike see me picking up trash they will think twice about littering or decide to do it themselves. Do something good this next week for someone, for animals, or for the environment!
4. New Nespresso Coffee | 
Nespresso released their new batch of coffee and in the mix is 'Vanilla Eclair' and 'Caramel Créme Brûlée' - YUM! My all-time favorite coffee drink is Starbucks' Caramel Brûlée Latte during the holidays so I'm so excited to see how these taste.
5. New Running Shoes |
I have officially worn down most of my tennis shoes (see my saved Instagram stories for more), and since I'm signed up for a half marathon I wanted to train with shoes that still had the soles😂. I've worn these twice and so far so good. Comment below with your favorite brand and style of running shoe!

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