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7 Ways To Make The Best of Easter This Year

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We are approaching another holiday, whether you celebrate the spiritual meaning behind Easter or the Easter bunny (or both), this year will be different with everyone in quarantine. Typically, my mom would also make an Easter Dinner and my brother would be with us. Thankfully, I will still be able to see her and my sister this year but to those that cannot, I have some options to hopefully make it better. We typically always go to Church that morning as well so I'll be live streaming from the comfort of my couch🤍. 

1. Family Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner | Whoever you may be with (even if you are by yourself), make a nice meal to celebrate. Ya'll, I have legitimately made myself a whole Thanksgiving dinner before (on Thanksgiving of course), watched the parade by myself and then spent the evening watching holiday movies. Yes, I was alone but I kept my traditions alive and that helped to fill the void of missing my loved ones. Do the same this year - keep the traditions alive, just modified due to the self-distancing aspect.  

2. Hide Paper Eggs | Due to the national shortage of eggs, if you have kids - I would print off egg shapes from the Internet and have them color or paint them. The "Easter Bunny" can then hide the paper eggs or tape them in places for the kids to find! This gives them an activity to do and allows you to still partake in the Easter festivities. 

3. Play Happy Playlists All Day | Music is always played around my house or I am always found with my AirPods in. I believe that music can lift your spirits when you need it most. Find a playlist or two, or even spend time making one, and play it all day! You'll be thankful for some upbeat tunes come the day of when you may be feeling somber. 

4. Send Time Practicing Gratitude | When I'm feeling really crappy about my life or situation I purposely write down all that I'm grateful for. It's innately humbling when I realize there is so much I have to be thankful for rather than to wallow in self-pity or sadness. 

5. Call/Text/FaceTime All Your Family & Friends | Easter Sunday may be a great day to have a big group FaceTime call with the entire family or your friends. Just because you cannot be your loved ones in person, you can still enjoy their company via FaceTime. 

6. Give Back | One of the best things you can do when you are feeling upset/depressed/weary about the situation we are all in, is too give back. Whether you make a donation, pick up trash in your neighborhood, put together an Easter basket for the neighbor children, write kind messages in chalk around your neighborhood, adopt a pet, donate food to a shelter, etc., there is so much you can do. Giving is one way to make you feel whole again. Knowing you contributed to the greater good, put a smile on someone's face, made a difference, it's now of our most powerful tools - giving. 

7. Get Dressed Up | We've all been living that sweats life, I challenge you to get ready for the day and put on your 'Sunday Best' whatever that means to you. I find that when I am out together and ready for the day I'm much happier and productive than when I am living in sweats with no shower. 

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