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At-Home Gel Manicure

9:22:00 AM

Manicure, pedicure, haircut, oh my! All the self-care items are on my list once this stay-at-home order is up. My hair is longer than I think it ever has been - the layers are in desperate need of some love. My that's another story. Thankfully, the Easter bunny got a head start and brought me an at-home gel manicure kit. 💕 I tested it out this week and for an at-home job it's 10/10. The main problem is the learning's not the same as getting your nails done. I have gel polish stuck along the cuticle and probably cured them too long but they look decent so that's a win in my book. I will be giving myself a pedicure later this week...with me luck. 😂

The kit I have is the ASP Soak Off Gel Nail Polish Starter Kit. It includes the following: 
- Bonder
- Base Coat
- Top Coat
- Passionate Pink Gel Nail Polish
- 2-in-1 Dehydrator Cleansing Wipe Liquid
- Conditioning Soak Off Solution
- Mini LED Curing Lamp

Additionally, I think you need a few more things (some I had, some I wish I had): 
- Cotton pads 
- Towel 
- Soak dish
- Nail Buffer
- Additional Colors of your choice 

I loved how easy this kit was to use - I do wish I had a manicure kit so I could properly push back the cuticles and trim nail/skin along the sides. I think this week I will order one on Amazon with a few more colors. The sides of the manicure don't look the best! The only critique I have is that the LED light is small - it's great for a child's hand but I ended up curing my thumbs separately. Not the end of the world! 

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