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Friday Favorites | 5 Things I'm Doing Personally To Get Through Quarantine

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Wrapping up week six of self-distancing and all I can keep thinking is "WILL THIS EVER END?!" I have fallen into quite the routine however, and am appreciating the normalcy that it's bringing. Life is super exiting, from making the best marinated, teriyaki salmon last night to the cheat meal I get to have this evening - I'm living my best life, as much as I currently can haha.

1. Eating All The Fish | I've eaten so much salmon, tilapia, and shrimp the past 6 weeks than I ever have. I bought it in bulk from Costco and it's been a lifesaver. For starters, eating cleaner makes me feel better - emotionally and physically. Secondly, I was so tired of chicken...I simply cannot eat chicken anymore lol! Lastly, it's easy to make and I don't have to put any thought into dinner. I've come to the conclusion that I will come out of this time feeling better about myself and ensuring my body is taken care of, simply because I was given the time to be able to focus on it.

2. Gardening/Yard Work | One thing passed down to me from my mother, and to her from her mother was our love for flowers. Ever since I was little I remember my grandmother and mother cultivating a garden or planting flowers. She would spend hours on the weekend tending to her garden or her roses and from that we always had the largest rose bushes and abundance of cherry tomatoes, zucchini, and squash. I decided to take on my yard this past Saturday, and spent over 8 hours outside, and while it was so much work my heart hasn't felt this content during this time in self-quarantine. I now have added work each day, checking on my little grass seedlings and watering my flowers, I take pride in cultivating what I've planted - and it gives me something to do - something that holds me accountable - something to look forward to - something to be proud of - and those are huge wins, especially now!

3. Running & The Best Playlists | Once the Governor issued the stay-at-home order, I committed to starting my training for my half marathon that's this December. Keetna and I have run the farthest we ever have and what's even better, it's getting easier each time. I'm not saying that working out or running is for everyone. For me, I started running last year to clear my head. I NEEDED the relief that a run brought. The stress and issues I encountered each day ignited this fight or flight mechanism inside...I knew that for the majority of the time, I couldn't fight what was going on, so my need to flee from the things I couldn't control is what running satisfied. Now, running has become a necessary part of my routine. I've also rediscovered some amazing songs that make running...actually fun. One day I listened to Ray J's "Sexy Can I" the entire time 😂. Apple Music Pop Hits is where to go - they have pop playlists from each year and '05-'08 is my jam! I love music, 60's and 70's are my personal favorite, but I have to run to something that keeps the beat so I regress to my teenage days of belting out T.I.'s "Whatever You Like" in my room.

4. Eating Yasso Bars | During these unexpected times, there has to be something to look forward too. For me it used to be going out to dinner, seeing my family, traveling, book tour with my bestie, etc. - now, it's eating a Yasso bar after dinner. They make chocolate covered crunch ones in a few different flavors and I don't care how silly it sounds but I seriously look forward to enjoying my Greek Yogurt bar after dinner.😂
5. Self-Care | I've taken time to get ready everyday. Go ahead, judge me for wearing jeans in quarantine haha - I've never, and I mean never, been one who can be productive in pajamas or sweatpants. I don't feel like myself, I feel complacent - so, I get up, walk Keetna, shower and get ready for the day. I've added two new steps in my skincare routine, given myself a blowout, and DIY'd a gel manicure. I will continue to do these things, because for me, they're normal! It gives me a sense of normalcy to get up and get ready for the day when the world is in pandemic mode.

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