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Friday Favorites | Quarantine Edition

11:57:00 AM

I'm seeing more and more stay-at-home orders come across my news feeds. While at certain times during the day, I find myself struggling with "staying at home," I'm on week four and it's not getting any easier. Already being single, in the city, one tends to feel isolated - this is even more isolating. I can't complain as I could be on the frontlines of this all but there are definitely days where I wish I had a nursing degree so I could. I urge you all, to stay home! Everyone, including your single people are depending on it. 
Here is y Friday Five of how I'm passing the time during this quarantine. 
1. Organizing | I've gone on an organizing frenzy. Closets, drawers, you name it, I've organized it. This is the perfect time to put in energy into the space around you to live for efficiently and effectively! 

2. Try New Recipes | I made Banana Bread last week with a new-to-me recipe. Protein muffins this week, and I'm trying to find something else for this week. Stay tuned! 
3. Gardening | Lawn Work - Working on this over the weekend, but my peonies are growing and I'm so excited! I am planning on raking, mowing, and maybe potting a plant or two if I can find a store that is open. 
4. Evening Movie Marathons | My bestie and I started Harry Potter over the weekend, we watch one movie after dinner and we are ending it with the 2-part finale tonight. Next we will watch Fifty Shades, then Hunger Games, then Divergent Series...that should get us through two weeks😂. 
5. Trying New Workouts | I downloaded the Pelaton app and starting doing a few workouts from there. I like trying new movements that focus on different muscles sets - it's something to do ha! 

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