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Happy Earth Day!

8:47:00 AM

Today is Earth Day, something I've grown to appreciate much more as I've gotten older. Over the years I have started to become more acutely aware of how I, and humans in general, are impacting our planet. I must preface with the fact that I can 100% do better than I am. I can recycle more, get rid of any and all products that are not sustainable, etc. I am aware of my footprint I'm leaving and working to reduce that as much as possible. Why do I care? It was as simple as seeing the impact it's leaving on our environment. I can't even stomach seeing a photo of a sea turtle wrapped in plastic or the squirrel in my back yard that was legitimately eating a granola bar out of a wrapper the other day. In general, I'm an incredibly empathetic person - this makes me understand and feel deeply the impactful things much more than your typical person. It's a blessing and a curse - and why my Enneagram is a one, we long to leave the world a better place then when we entered it. Call me crazy/emotional/passionate about this topic, I may be all of those things but what it has transgressed into is someone who cares deeply for the planet they live on.
I don't care how many times I have to pick up trash around my neighborhood, I will do it because our dogs and cats and squirrels and birds deserve an environment that is clean. I will pick up trash and recycle because I hope the kids on my block see that that's the right thing to do. I will use a reusable mug to save on wasteful plastic and reusable lunch utensils to not add to the immense amount of plastic forks in the landfill. I was blessed with this life - the very least I can do, is take care of the environment - even in the smallest way I can. I wanted to share some of our favorite sustainable/reusable products that myself and family love.
I also have a challenge for you, I challenge you to make one change in your life that has a positive impact on our environment. Is that taking your kids to a park and picking up trash? Switching to reusable straws? Adding a recycling bin next to your trash bin? Switching body washes to one that is planet-friendly? Whatever it is, just do something. BE THE CHANGE. MAKE A CHANGE. One person cannot simply do it alone but if we all did one thing together, think of the positive impact that would leave? Is my empathetic self getting all emotional about this? 100% yes 😂.

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