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Hidden Gem: Bacharach, Germany

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I was going through my travel archives and couldn't believe I have yet to write about our stop in Bacharach, Germany from our first trip to Europe in 2017. I'd go as far to say, this was one of my favorite places to visit that I've ever been to. It's the quintessential European town, colorful buildings carved into the hillside, vines of grapes lining the hills to and from, castles overlooking the river sitting on top of the tallest hillside. This town in particular looks as though if it came out of the set of Beauty and the Beast, it's that magical.

A few things you will find in this village: 
  1. Wine | You can see from the photos that surrounding the entire village are vineyards, so naturally, there is some decadent wine. Sitting at the base of the hill (pictured below) is a quaint restaurant that offers flights of wine to taste. We ordered one and a delicious charcuterie board one evening. It was delicious!
  2. Authentic Fare | This village, nestled along the foothills, overlooks the Rhine River. It's fare is authentic to Germany and incredibly delicious. Café Rusticana was one of my favorites. They had incredible brats, pasta, etc. They also spoke a bit of English which was helpful! 
  3. Castles | We took a ferry, south from Koblenz until we arrived at our destination of Bacharach. All along the Rhine there were castles - it was incredible. The Burg Stahleck Castle (pictured above) has been converted to a youth hostel where we stayed for two nights. It was such an experience!
One of the best parts of our first European trip was the ferry ride on the Rhine, taking in all the sites of Western Germany. It was magnificent and quite different than the other areas of travel. 

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