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Why You Should Welcome Vulnerability In Your Life

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This topic, vulnerability, is not an easy one for many people to discuss. Being vulnerable, is something most people are afraid of practicing. Quite literally, being "vulnerable" means you are susceptible to physical or emotional attack or harm. Most of us have experienced some sort of emotional or even physical harm before, thus, we protect ourselves with a thick armor of protection so as to not experience that harm again - and we stop being vulnerable. We are afraid of rejection, failure, what other people think and will say that we close ourselves off from taking risks, putting ourselves out there/opening up to people, and telling ourselves that that makes us "strong."

I myself, have felt emotional pain. I've dealt with negative comments, mean girls, toxic relationships, family rejection, etc. just like you. It sucks. It hurts, your feelings are hurt, you question your worth, you doubt your abilities to do your job or tasks at home, you critique every part of yourself - you have lost all self-love. I spent all of last year, rebuilding what was broken - what I allowed to break. When you are vulnerable, and you get hurt, the natural response is to build walls to protect yourself...to protect your heart. In doing so, you are not repairing the emotional or physical damage you have suffered but simply guarding it. Think of if you broke your arm, you go to the doctor and he/she puts a bandage on it. That broken arm will eventually "heal," but will heal broken - it's not repaired but guarded by the bandage put around it. This is the same thing as you not allowing yourself repair emotional or physical suffering you have endured.

I feel confident in making the statement that I am very vulnerable. I write what I think and feel and am never shy to show emotion or vulnerability in a situation. How can I continue to do this? This last year that I spent rebuilding myself...I revisited a lot of areas where I still harbored pain. I had to grieve the pain that I felt, accept all that I had been through, and realize my worth to be able to move forward.

Challenge: look at yourself in the mirror. Do you look at that person staring back at you and think she's beautiful? Do you think she's smart? Do you think she is worthy of something great? Do you see strength? Courage? Do you genuinely love that person? If you answered no to any of the above questions then you need to repair your heart, mind, and soul...before you can open yourself up to being vulnerable.

You may be asking, "Well, why do I need to be vulnerable?" Through emotional openness you give yourself the ability to develop the strongest human connections, you give yourself courage to take risks in life and love. You open yourself up to living your life to the complete fullest with an openness in your heart and mind.

We fear that by being vulnerable, we open ourselves up to being unloved or rejected. If you are rejected because of your vulnerability then that relationship or situation was not meant for you anyways. I know that if someone doesn't agree with my vulnerability or doesn't like me for who I am and the emotions/feelings I express then that is not on me...but them. It does NOT mean that something is wrong with me. Yes, the rejection hurts but since I know my worth and what is still in store for me - I can continue to be vulnerable and take risks.

Have you ever noticed that you may gravitate to people who are more vulnerable? I prefer to follow people that are open about their past experiences - who are not afraid to share the things that people can use against them under the rising sun. When you choose to show up, and be vulnerable - that is the most courageous thing someone can do, because you are choosing to show up regardless of the outcome, good or bad.

So, to the person who is vulnerable, that wears their heart on their sleeve, that is open about past experiences - that is strength to be envied. Keep being vulnerable, the world is too hard...we need to break through the steel exteriors and remember that we are all people with experiences that can be deemed emotionally or physically harmful. However, you can't experience life without feeling life. Think of all that we can do together, when we are vulnerable. Completely open - honest - and raw.

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