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Friday Favorites

11:16:00 AM

I cannot believe it's almost August. There have been times this year that have felt like a year - but really, 2020 is zooming by in the blink of an eye. How is it almost pumpkin-spice everything season?! I look at this year and think of what has been accomplished but how there is still so much I want to do...COVID-19 and all. Anyways, here are my top 5 for this week - I'm typing this as I'm listening to Taylor Swift's new CD (which came in at #1 of course) and I'm loving the alternative/indie vibes. It's just what we didn't know we needed.

1. Taylor Swift's New Album Folklore

  • I am one of those types that loves a wide variety of music genres: pop, hip-hop, alternative, indie, country, oldies (like '50s/'60s/'70s), etc. Her new album just hits different - it's so good, so relatable. You can listen on Apple Music or Spotify! 

  • Leave it to someone to make masking chic. Well, Sydne has outdone herself with the chicest face mask. You can purchase the mask alone, I opted for the mask and necklace option. I would always start walking into a store or out the door without a mask! It's a mandate that we have to wear them here in STL so I have to have one. Thus, why I loved the option for it to hang around my neck - I'm obsessed. Just look at how cute it is: 

  • I switched to a clean foundation! You have all followed my journey to clean and I'm so excited to have made this switch. So far, I love it. It took me a minute to determine the best method of application - I prefer to use a flat buffing brush (I've tried multiple options and this one provides the best coverage). 

4. Swimsuits

5. Daily Gratitude

  • Something I've been doing since the beginning of the year is daily gratitude, as of late, it's been a necessary daily task to keep me sane. I'm in the midst of a waiting period, a lot of unknown is ahead, and I have to continue to remember all of the things I'm grateful for. It puts life into perspective when you start speaking of all that you do have instead of all that you don't.

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