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Always Live A Healthy Lifestyle

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It seems as though our schedules are getting busier and busier. Work, happy hours, date nights, family time, and blogging fill my schedule. I've gotten into a new routine of adding exercise in when I can, filling up my water cup more than twice a day, and packing healthy snacks when I'm on the go. I have had to adjust my lifestyle to accommodate long work days, travel, having a dog, and keeping up with a house instead of an apartment. 
1. Walk The Dog. This task may seem menial but it is the one thing that ensures I get exercise. Every night after supper, Summit pulls me to the door for our walk/run. Although most nights I'm too exhausted, once we hit the sidewalk, we are both trotting happily. The best part is he is getting to an age where he can run longer and is well-trained to run by me and walk at a good pace. The perfect exercise buddy!
2. Take Care of My Body. My day typically starts early and ends late. This means hour of running around, working at a desk, walking the dog, or cooking. It's important that I stay shower fresh and confident all day long. I regularly use Always Clean, Sheer Dailies, and Xtra Protection Liners for extra protection and freshness.  Wearing sunscreen, sticking to a daily skin care regime, and using products that keep my hair healthy are also important in helping me maintain a healthy lifestyle.
3. Drink Lemon Water. Throughout the day, I generally feel groggy and bloated. Regular water doesn't seem to help but lemon water helps reduce bloating and wakes me up. Plus, it adds some flavor so I stay away from sugary snacks. 
4. Stretch. I was a dancer all through my teen years. I used to stretch on a daily basis but eventually fell out of that routine. Recently, I have been stretching more whenever I have a few extra minutes. It makes me feel more limber. Plus, it helps reduce the knots that I always get in my back and neck!
I have definitely realized that living a healthier lifestyle is not as easy as I thought it would be. However, I've made sure to follow the four tasks above and always try to do more. I can tell that I feel better, happier, and more fresh! 
What are your tips and tricks to living a heathy lifestyle? Share below!

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