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The Best Resources For Planning Your Wedding

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It's no secret that wedding planning is stressful. I talk to brides everyday that are incredibly overwhelmed and feel like they have a huge mountain of tasks and they just don't know where to begin. I shared this post a few weeks ago on where to begin when you're planning your event and I figured sharing helpful resources next would be beneficial. There are so many resources online that can help you plan your wedding - while I truly don't believe there is one place that does it all for you, I think combining these resources will be your ticket to a successful event!
1. AllSeated - Where I create all of my wedding layouts, AllSeated is a great resource for brides who want to do it themselves. I put this resource first because it's one of my favorite resources to use. Very user friendly (make sure you have Chrome!), AllSeated helps you create the layout for the particular venue you are getting married in! They have a large variety of tables, chairs, add-on's, etc., so you can mimic and re-create the space just to your liking. I use this primarily for layouts - from the ceremony, cocktail hour to reception you can do it all yourself! 
2. Zola - Changing the wedding registry process one click at a time, Zola does a great job at taking away the stress of registering for your wedding by having everything you could want under one website. Not only that, they have a wonderful wedding planning section including wedding website, checklists, guest lists and timelines. While no wedding is the same, there is a general structure that they all follow and this timeline is a great resource to print and take with you wherever you go. 
3. Excel or Google Sheets - Sounds funny but next to Wedding Wire, a lot of brides use Excel or Google Sheets. It's easy to organize and you can customize however you'd like. Google Sheets even has a wedding planning template that you can use if you're not sure where to start. Everything from guest counts, budgets, to-do lists and your day-of timeline can all be neatly organized!
4. Wedding Wire - Probably one of the most used by brides I meet. I love their cost guide, it gives an average of how much couples spend on all of their vendors. They have a great seating chart tool and budget tracker to help you keep track of your finances. They also have fun tools like a hashtag generator and color generator. In terms of website use, this is a great place to cover your basics. 

5. Loverly - More of a guide, this website delivers to-do's and planning necessities to your inbox. They send you helpful tips, tricks, trends and help ease your stress throughout the planning process. They, like most others, offer great inspiration too!

6. The Knot - I love the Knot for finding vendors.  I think they've done a great job at helping brides find all the vendors and it's all in one place. Plus, you can read reviews to see what other brides have said. The Knot is also helpful in that they don't filter or get rid of negative reviews. What you read is what is posted! 

Comment below on what you used when planning your wedding! What did you love and what did you hate?

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