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Garden Party Baby Shower

11:48:00 PM

This summer I threw my bestie a garden party baby shower. Although the heat was stifling, everything turned out so beautifully. I'm at that age where most of my friends are in serious relationships or married and now they are having babies! While I'm not quite to that point in life yet, it's SO fun to go through this process with them. It also helps that I'm an Event Planner and love to throw a fun party!🤗
 Planning Tips: 
1. If you're throwing an event outside, I recommend a tent or shade!
2. If you want to keep items cold, use a reusable ice mat between two trays. This prevents the mess of ice and keeps the food chilled. 
3. I love options for drinks, we provided water, lemonade, and a delicious punch! 
4. Weather is always going to be tricky when hosting an event outside. Linen clamps (the clear ones) are great in keeping your linens secure with any sort of wind. 
5. Music! I put together a specialty baby shower playlist. I love it so much I still listen to it!

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