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Keetna (The Husky) Turns One

10:18:00 AM

Time certainly does fly. It was this time last year that I started thinking about getting a puppy. Fast forward to Thanksgiving and I saw that she was posted for sale online. For weeks I stared at her little photo on the internet, contemplating if I should take her home or not. Fast forward through Christmas, birthday, and New Year's Eve and she was still available. I decided it was fate - later in January we drove to go pick her up and it has been a blessing ever since.

Some of you might not understand the relationship between a human and a dog. It's an unbreakable bond that I don't feel you can have with any human. Coming home to a sweet little pup that wags her tail and knocks things over at the sight of you will melt your heart. They will love you no matter what the circumstances are.

We celebrated her first birthday with a trip to her favorite place, the dog park, cake for breakfast, a day full of naps and of course, presents.

Fun facts:
1 // She loves everyone and everything. This dog will lick you until you're blue in the face. She kisses all other dogs and loves strangers (not much of a guard dog 😂).

2 // She talks all the time. It's hilarious how vocal she is, she loves talking and especially when you talk to her!

3 // Her favorite toy is a little orange ball. While she will chew on bones for days, her ball is her absolute favorite. If you're not throwing it in the air for her to catch, she will roll it under the coffee table, paw it out, and repeat to keep herself entertained.

4 // Her meals are her favorite time of the day. She loves meal time and gets so excited. It's adorable!

5 // She was built to run. Lately we have been testing her running by putting her harness on and running with her. She would go forever if you let her. She simply never wants to stop. She'd make a great addition to a sled dog team 🐶

Now for an overload of puppy cuteness to get you through your day!

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