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Cloffice Refresh, Part 1

8:56:00 AM

I have been waiting months for my "cloffice" to be finished. I have become the type of person where if I can't find the perfect piece of furniture or decor then I just do without until I find it. I used to find myself buying things that I just ended up getting rid of or selling. While I would love to have a completed space for everyday use, it's just not worth the hassle (or money) to use products that I don't love.
I updated the space a few months ago with a fresh coat of paint and have since then, been scouring the internet for the perfect desk. I fell totally in love with the SugarPaper LA desk that launched at Target, but it sold out before I could even blink. I have found similar options but all are incredibly out of my budget. Thankfully, over the weekend I received a great alternative option that I'm super happy with (for a fraction of the cost I might add)!

You might remember that the before looked a little something light this:
I used a standing rack to hang all of my clothes - I have very limited space and I have to store all of my spring and summer pieces when not in season, and vice versa. The room is already very small and the clothing rack, with the added shelves of shoes and vanity was completely taking over the space. Not to mention, I was working on a small writing desk and I ended up never using it! I went through my clothes and sort of "winter cleaned" - I purged the pieces I haven't worn in a year and I stored some pieces that didn't need to be out. I then consolidated it all in the closet in the room.

There are a few more things I wish to add for the space to feel "complete":
1. Rug - The carpet in my rental house is awful so naturally I want to cover it. Rugs, in my opinion, are the perfect way to tie a room together - they can make or break your space. I have a major crush on this rug but with the $1,000 price tag I simply cannot afford it. If you know of something similar, comment below!
2. Statement Lamp - While I love my little gold lamp from Target, it's just that - little. It doesn't really fill the space and now that I have a larger desk, I can upgrade to a larger lamp. How amazing are these Kate Spade lamps?!
3. Wall Decor - I definitely need something on the wall over my desk. I don't know if I should find a really cool piece of art, arrange a gallery wall, or buy a large acrylic calendar like this one. What do you think?
4. Bench I need a small bench to the right of my vanity under the window. You know, the drop place for all clothes that are too dirty to hang up but clean enough to still wear๐Ÿ™ˆ
5. Makeup Organization - I've been on the hunt for a good acrylic makeup organizer. One that's not too big but will hold all of my makeup. I used to keep everything in a bag and get ready in the bathroom but I'm trying to consolidate it all and get ready in one room!

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