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Why You Should Hire An Event Planner

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You're planning an event - now what? Last week, I discussed details on where to start when you're planning your wedding or event. One of the first steps to consider, is hiring an event planner. There are so many logistical details to consider for every event and in most cases, you don't know about those details until you come across them at the actual event. From finalizing the timeline to ensuring you are getting the best possible vendors, event planners have the knowledge and experience to help you plan the event of your dreams! 
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Reason #1: You will save money. 
Let's be honest, setting a budget for your wedding/event is hard and it can be even harder to stick to it. It's an event planner's job to stay within budget. They have an uncanny ability to make your event come to life and stay within your budget. This is most definitely not an easy task thus why you should had it over to the professionals to take care of. They also can lay out all the financial aspects for you - there a many vendors that have hidden fees or costs that you forgot/didn't know about. All in all, you will end up saving money because you won't overspend! 

Reason #2: Planners have strong vendor relationships.
Since your planner is in the business of events, they work with vendors on a daily basis. They know who's good, who's not, who will rip you off, and who will cut you a deal. They also can sometimes get discounts with preferred vendors due to their established relationship. They also serve as the liaison between you and the vendor so you don't have to deal with all the "back and forth." 

Reason #3: You will undoubtedly, stress-less.
In continuing the honesty, there will be things that go wrong leading up to your event or during your event. If you have a planner, most of the time you won't know about any of it. I can't tell you how many times there was an issue and we were able to solve it without anyone knowing. They aren't secret keepers but they are also there to make sure your day runs as smooth as possible so you can enjoy every aspect of it. Keeping up communication, vendor meetings, calls, emails, budgets, etc., all of this becomes significantly reduced in terms of what you are tasked with when you hire a planner. 

Reason #4: You will enjoy the process.
I've heard time and time again, "I'm so glad I hired you, this was so easy!" It's true, the process is easier, simplified and you get to actually enjoy it. How you might ask? Well, you get to partake in all the fun aspects! Food tastings, picking out desserts, choosing decor, picking colors, etc. - leaving the not-so-fun tasks up to your planner.  You can actually sit back, relax, and enjoy your engagement! 

Reason #5: They will coordinate the entire day.
I'm talking down to the minutes people. There are a lot of details on the day of (i.e., how are you getting to the venue, when are photos, when will you eat lunch, what will you even eat for lunch) that you don't want to miss. Event Planner timelines are impressive - and strategic. They will keep you on track throughout the entire day and make sure the timeline is followed. This is only beneficial, it keeps your vendors and your guests happy!
Bonus Reason: You will save time. 
We are all looking to slow down the clock, turn back time or wish we had more of it. All of the details that encompass planning your event take just that...time. There are brides that are still in school, have full-time jobs and kids and they become more stress with the lack of time they are working with. Hiring a planner to take a lot of these details off your plate will give you that time back, you just have hire them😊

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