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Weekly Recap

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I have been wanting to post more consistently for a long time. My motivation has been down the drain and I am desperately needing a recharge. I decided to make a list of goals/items that I want to accomplish each week and posting is one of them so here we are. I love when other people do "round-ups" of their week so I decided to give it a try. 
This week has been a lot of eat, sleep, work, workout, repeat. I feel like I haven't done much in between. When I'm stressed with situations, I get really tired and feel like I can sleep for days. I've found that exercising and eating healthier has definitely helped this. My schedule is getting packed with trips, events, life events and plans for the future - thus, why I get a little stressed. Here are some of my favorites this week!

Weekly Highlight: It's Mother's Day on Sunday! While I won't see my mama this year I picked her up this cookbook and sent her the prettiest card. My mom is one of the best cooks ever. She has the uncanny ability to whip up any meal using the ingredients she has - something I envy!
Travel Topics: I've read just about all the travel guides for the places in Portugal that I will be visiting. I'm disappointed at how little there is! I am excited to go so I can create Travel Guides for you!
Something New I Tried: 
Oi All In One Milk  - I went to get my haircut this week and my hairdresser uses davines products (B-corp company). Let me just say oh.my.goodness the products smell delicious. This Oi All In One Milk is an all natural product that does so much for your hair it would take its own paragraph. You read more about davines here - but I'm definitely hooked!
Nexxus Caviar Complex Shampoo - I ran out of shampoo and was at Target so I picked up this shampoo. I already love the hydration and softness it adds to my hair!
Listening: I have been in such an Indie/Alternative mood lately so I'm sharing my Spotify playlist. I found this band, Rainbow Kitten Surprise (go with me here), that is so good. It immediately transports me to California, riding along the coast. 🏖
Reading: Still working through Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. I have set a goal to read a chapter every week, we are starting slow! 
Watching: I have been watching the final season of New Girl on my Fox app on Apple TV. It's bittersweet that this show is coming to an end - it was one of my favorites.
Wish List: This is a long list that I probably could've made into its own separate post.😂 I narrowed it down though to a few things: warm weather clothes, another great pair of flats, and travel/everyday bag. 
Working Out: I have finally started to get back into a workout routine. Every other day I run 3.5-4.5 miles and the days in between that I do BBG! I love the Sweat app, there are a ton of reviews and bloggers that talk about BBG so there is great information online if you are wanting to learn more.
Instagram Accounts I Can't Get Enough Of: I thought this would be fun to share because I follow so many amazing people. A few stars of the show this week:
elsielarson - I cannot tell you how obsessed I am with this family. Their adoption story has made me cry more times then I can count and their daughter Nova is the most precious little girl ever!
juliahengel: Julia just launched her Gal Meets Glam Collection and it was done so tastefully - not only that, they always repost photos of people wearing her dresses and I love that!
amberfillerup: Not only is she a boss lady but her kids are so stinkin' adorable!

Share what your favorites have been his week!

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