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The Cutest Summer Romper

10:11:00 AM

I have a love/hate relationship with summer. On the one hand, I love the warmth, clothes, and activities one can partake in. On the other hand, I hate the warmth, clothes, and activities one partakes in. Sometimes, it's just too hot and if I'm not wearing something that is breathable then I'm miserable and if it's too hot and my clothes aren't comfortable and I'm partaking in an outdoor summer activity (i.e., walking to the beach) then I'm really miserable. Well, this romper changed everything! It's incredibly lightweight and very breathable. I love the colorful print, it matched the beach front scenery perfectly. 

If you can't tell in the photos, I got way too much sun the first day! 15 minutes turned me into a tomato...I have since learned my lesson! Thankfully, aloe gel helped me significantly as did lathering on sunscreen everyday. It's not very hot when you are actually laying on the beach. There is a breeze from the ocean that consistently delivers coolness and in turn, makes you feel like you aren't turning into a lobster!😂 

We are on our way to Venice and Santa Monica today so I'm cutting this short but I'll share my travel guide soon!

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