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Fifty Shades of Something

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You have heard me talk about the Fifty Shades of Grey series on here before. I am obsessed. Now, I normally don't read books like that at all, truth be told, I thought I was buying a book about a lawyer, I like reading stuff about law. Boy was I wrong; once I got to chapter three I couldn't believe what I was reading…needless to say, I was hooked. I got to thinking (like always), we all have fifty shades. What do I mean by this? We all have flaws and problems and things that define us and make us who we are. I thought it would be fun to share fifty shades of myself, because why not?

1. I am very, very organized
2. I hate when people touch/fold my laundry.
3. I love crafting, and coloring in coloring books.
4. I like to clean early in the morning (this drives Adam crazy).
5. Blood and other bodily fluid doesn't gross me out, but Boogers do…yuck!
6. Caramel lattes are an addiction.
7. Obsessive compulsive comes close to describing me in certain instances.
8. I love watching shows about law.
9. I hate cooking but love eating.
10. Since my parents divorce I believe more than ever that there are fairytales and happy endings, it's a coping mechanism.
11. I love, love, love blogging
12. People pleaser.
13. My Kate Spade addiction is a serious problem..
14. I love to read
15. …but only books that I have bought, something about ownership
16. I love living on my own…hated living at home. (Sorry mom and dad, independence is nice)
17. Traveling is my favorite.
18. Stubborn
19. Crabby, in the mornings, but I am working on it.
20. I try to hard to be something I am not.
21. I love shopping, duh.
22. I love hearing feedback and reading comments on this blog, I get sad when there is none.
23. I sit in the wedding section at Barnes and Nobles and look at everything…even though I am not engaged, I just love weddings that much.
24. Color coding things is important.
25. I am halfway done and I am wondering why I wrote this post.
26. Rain is my favorite, oh, and snow!
27. If I could live in one month my whole life it would be December.
28. I cherish friends because they come to far and few.
29. I stress about money, all the time. Save, save, save!
30. Motivation sayings are placed around the apartment, for motivation.
31. Afraid of being alone..
32. I change my mind, a LOT!
33. I went to three colleges, graduated with a Bachelor's degree before I decided what I REALLY wanted to do.
34. I adore kids, maybe that's why I can't stop babysitting and nannying. I will be a 60 yr. old nanny, probably.
35. I love writing.
36. Perfectionist.
37. Obsessed with color
38. Planner
39. Controlling….this may be a stretch.
40. Persuasive
41. Target lover
42. All things mac. mac. mac.
43. I love people, and more than that, I love helping people.
44. Yoga and barre are a life's necessity.
45. Secretly wish I was born with a British or Australian accent.
46. Lots of anxiety.
47. Lover of naps.
48. Patient
49. I love seeing love, I cry in almost every chick flick and disney movie.
50. Relieved that I got to 50.

What's Your Fifty Shades? I want to hear them, they can be whatever you want and whatever comes to mind!

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