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Why I Chose To Live With My Boyfriend Before Marriage

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One of my favorite bloggers wrote a post last week titled, "Why We Didn't Live Together Before Marriage." It's about why she didn't live with her boyfriend before marriage, something that a lot of people think about when they are in a relationship. I got to thinking about why I live with my boyfriend and if I should have waited until after marriage, in hopes that we get there…hehe. I know a lot of people have religious beliefs that influence what they do and I have to say the same. But I also have to say that moving in together was the best thing for our relationship, regardless of what parents, friends, and our religious beliefs told us.

As many of you know, we have been in a long-distance relationship for the majority of our time together…once we graduated college we knew we would have a year off and our choices were to either live at home, live separately, or move in together. We chose to live together…we have lived apart for so long, it only made sense to live together. Now, I am not explaining my decisions to anyone because I don't have to but I think this is a topic that a lot of people have a problem with. I did, and I still do. For example, my sweet little nanny girl has asked me if I live with my boyfriend, I paused and thought about her question for a minute and thought about what her parents would say, I told her yes. When she asked more detailed questions…I changed the subject. I want little kids to grow up knowing and believing the traditional ways of life, not tainted by all sorts of situations. My eight year old brother will grow up thinking that divorce and parents not getting along is the norm…and it shouldn't be that way.

In some sense, I sensor my situation, especially to kids. But as adults, we are old enough to face the facts, and the fact is, yes, I live with my boyfriend. We have saved money, grown closer, and also found out more about each other (flaws and all). Is the situation necessarily what I had in mind? Nope, but then again, nothing ever is:)

Each and every couple is different. Don't compare your lifestyle and situation to others because everyone has a different relationship.

What Do You Think About Living Together Before Marriage?
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  1. Found this post today through your feature on Grits Blog! I totally respect what you and your boyfriend did, and I can see why you'd want to live together. Going long-distance makes you appreciate time together! My fiance and I have chosen not to live together until we're married because, in addition to religious reasons, we feel that there's something special about living together, and we want to save that for when things are official. I also feel like we both have a lot of personal prep to do before we're prepared to be in a marriage, and I think that prep will help us get along a lot better once we finally tie the knot.