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The Perfect Gallery Wall Part 1: Choosing Art

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I love gallery walls. It is actually more like an obsession. One hanging picture just doesn't do justice anymore. I want the wall to tell a story, share who I am as person, and make the room lively. There really is no particular rhyme to picking out art…I sometimes think that you can't necessarily be looking for something so specific. You will eventually run across a piece of art and say, "yep, that's it."

I find a lot of my pieces at Hobby Lobby, T.J Maxx, online, or I make/take them myself. I have compiled a couple of steps that I used when trying to find the perfect art for my gallery walls…hopefully these will help you too.

1 // Define a Style. This is the most important part…you want your gallery wall to flow with the theme of the room that it's in. I went for colorful and "lively." I wanted bright colors, motivation sayings, and beautiful "things," (such as that rose picture I took). Something that helped me define the style for the wall was the defining piece of art; or, one piece that I thought pulled it all together. When looking for pieces decide on one that can pull all of the others together, this will help you find more based on colors, size, textures, etc.

2 // Choose A Number.  Depending on how big of a wall you need to fill, the amount of art will vary. You can never go wrong with anywhere from 4-12 pieces.

3 // Mix It Up With Size. I love any and every gallery walls, but especially the ones where all the pieces of art are a different size. Different sizes tell more of a story and add more uniqueness to the gallery wall you are creating.

4 // Try Making/Taking Your Own. Part of the fun in choosing pieces is finding ones that represent you and the style of the room you are trying to convey. The first print (my defining piece) was actually a picture taken by me on my iPhone nonetheless. It's my absolute favorite and the fact that it was taken by me is even better.

5 // Choose A Variety of Frames. For some of my art pieces…I actually found the frame first. Take for example the gold frame below. I fell in love with this frame…I mean it's gold so what's not to love? I then found the print second. I love having a variety of frames. It makes the gallery wall that much more fun.

Image Map

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  1. I love your gallery wall! I am slowly picking up pieces here and there to create one of my own! All of your prints are fun and bright- they reflect your personality well!

  2. So bloody lovely............just saying

  3. I love your gallery wall! I recently hung mine and it took forever!!

  4. This looks so nice! I can't wait to have a place of my own to start a gallery wall. Getting a mix of frames is a great tip!

  5. It does take forever…there are so many details!

  6. yes! I can't wait for you to have one of your own…make sure to blog about it so we can see:)

  7. Thank you! I can't wait to see your gallery wall!