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Fashion Photo Bloopers Part 3

11:20:00 AM

I am not shy when it comes to showing you "the photos that don't make the cut." Too often I get wrapped up in making sure everything I post on this blog is perfect. Well, there is no such thing as perfection and I am far from that. I get so tired of comparing myself to other bloggers, so why do I do it? I don't think I will ever learn my lesson there so for now I am going to continue to own the imperfection that comes across this blog. Besides, bloopers show the "behind the scenes" of blogging that a lot of you don't see. It's a LOT of work…but I love it, and I am so thankful I have friends and family that put up with me when I take pictures of everything…for the blog of course:).

"Ok, enough of the playground…it's freezing!"


"Hey, look at me, I'm about to step on that snow." 

"Say whhhaaaatttt??"

"Ha, Ha, Ha"

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"Hold on, I gotta fix my hair." (This happens WAY too often.)

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  1. Love your blooper posts! Who takes your pictures??

  2. Thank you!! You would be surprised how many photos are actually bloopers…ha

  3. Thanks dear!! My boyfriend does! He is not shy about capturing me in all the glory moments ha