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What Goes Into My Carry-On, Carry All?

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Currently, I am soaking up the sun in Hermosa Beach, enjoying a cafe latte by the pier. Fun right? I will say, getting here was not a walk in the park. I love to be organized. At times it's almost a game to see just how organized I can be. I was on the hunt for the perfect carry-on, carry all tote. I know this Lo & Sons one is probably the best but I am on a budget so that bag will just have to wait a few years. I found this Kate Spade Saturday (they are canceling this brand) bag that I thought just might be perfect. Since the bag was 50% off, I purchased it without thinking twice and was determined to make it work. While it fit everything very nice I was disappointed when I noticed my computer wouldn't fit. You will see my computer pictured but I actually ended up taking my ipad. Also, when I did squeeze my computer in there the bag was so heavy! Something I did not want to carry around in an airport.

Some travel essentials that I brought along:

// Shoes
// Extra sweatshirt in case luggage was lost
// Scarf, for when the plane gets cold 
// Cosmetic Case: mineral powder, wet wipes, hand sanitizer, Chapstick 
// Chargers
// Reading material
// ipad
// Camera and lens'
// Wallet
// Sunglasses and glasses
// Water Bottle
// Headphones
// Evian Facial Spray
// Gum

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  1. It's a nice bag, I like how everything is so organized! Have a nice time at the beach!

  2. My carry on usually has all our medications and my cpap machine, Tim's has the laptop, chargers, cameras and every other bloody thing we don't want to lose

  3. Love that bag, pretty sure I need it in my life!

  4. Thank You! I am always up for organization!

  5. I would have taken a bigger bag but it cost extra so I said forget it! It's good you bring all that on the plane with you…no one wants to lose that stuff!