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May Goal Progress & Check-In

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Is 2020 over yet? That has been my mindset this past month. Over the weekend, I racked my brain on how I can work to make this year better. My only thought that kept coming to mind was, I'm tired. I'm really tired. This thought obviously isn't going to get me anywhere...except maybe closer to a nap but even then it's not accomplishing anything. I went from blogging 5 days a week to posting nothing at all this past month - I think May was just a tipping point for me. I'm frustrated. I'm frustrated with the lack of progress on all fronts, I'm frustrated with where I'm at, I'm frustrated with the constant negativity in the world, frustrated with all the recent events. Just overall freaking frustrated.

I'm headed into June with a revised outlook. I really had a "come-to-Jesus" moment with myself as I knew I just couldn't keep being so upset about things outside of my control. In addition to my morning gratitude and goals, I journal. My journal has a bible passage(s) so I read from the Bible each day - it helps ease me into the day with a renewed mindset. Keetna and I have also been running in the mornings since it's getting hotter. While I do not love morning workouts, I feel better throughout the day and love that my workout is done in the morning!

Here are 5 of the 10 goals I have set for myself this year: 
1. Build a sustainable business
2. Train for and complete a half marathon
3. Drink 1/2 my body weight in water (in ounces) a day
4. Do one thing a month outside my comfort zone
5. Workout 6 times a week

1. Build A Sustainable Business |
  • Brittney and I have pivoted slightly with the impact of COVID-19. We have some incredible ideas for Wed that I'm excited to start working on. Have you read our blog? It's all things wedding and I have so much fun writing. 
2. Train For And Complete A Half Marathon |
  • We are still at 8 miles. I'm going to push for 10 miles this month! I will most likely have to do it without the pup as it's just too warm and I don't know if she could handle all 10 miles haha! 
3. Drink 1/2 My Body Weight In Water | 
  • Still working on this daily. Some weeks are better than others as are some days. I have been doing a lot of lemon water, it's much easier to chug on all day. Additionally, if I make myself drink 15-20 oz. after I run I get started off on the right track for the day!
4. Do One Thing A Month Outside My Comfort Zone | 
  • I have done 31 days straight of Duolingo! If you haven't heard, Duolingo is a language learning app. I'm "learning" Spanish - I say learning because I actually took four years of Spanish but never practiced it so it's tucked away in my brain. It's a big review and I'm having those ah-ha moments of "I know this, I know this!" 
  • My goal is to continue and too become proficient in Spanish and then move on to another language. For how much I love to travel, it only makes sense. Just as well, I love the idea of being able to converse in other languages with people whom English is not their first language. 
5. Workout 6 times a week |
  • Check! Still doing this - I have had to transition to morning workouts with the warmer weather so Keetna is more comfortable. Let me say now that I am not a morning person - never have been and even though I can pull myself out of bed at 5:30am it doesn't mean I like it lol! I do love starting the day that way's beginning on the right foot! 
It didn't seem right to not address something in this post. The recent events going on in the world have my heart heavy. I'm very much a person who has always accepted and loved others no matter their color, profession, gender, sexual orientation, etc., simply because I always longed for acceptance myself. The only thing that has kept me grounded during this time has been prayer and opening up scripture again. I used to shy away from talking about that but honestly, searching for light, love, progress, and determination is the only way I see us getting through this. 

We can all work on being better humans. Showing more kindness. Showing humility. Giving grace. Sharing love, etc., etc., etc. It's important now, to keep striving for change. To keep striving for progress but to do so with a faithful and humble heart. Whether you are black or white, wear a police uniform or not - there is so much goodness out there and together I believe we can change the future for our brothers and sisters. 🤍

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