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Why You Need To Visit The Normandy & Brittany Region In France

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When most people think of France, they initially think of Paris. Then, most will think of the Provence area with rows and rows of decadent lavender fields as well as the South of France region, home to beautiful rock beaches, delicious seafood, and colorful hillside towns. The Northwest Region is at the top of my list, the regions of Normandy and Brittany. These regions are home to seaside port towns with rows upon rows of colorfully stacked homes, fresh food markets, incredibly delish seafood, countryside that looks as though it were photographed and taken straight from a movie set, and the list goes on. It's in this area of France that I really fell in love with the country. The hillsides are serene, and the small villages with farming animals looked so picturesque...and simple. I loved the simplicity of the day-to-day in these areas. It wasn't overrun with technology - there was an appreciation for the environment, for a work-life balance, and for delectable fare.

We visited multiple towns on our jaunt down the coast of Northwestern France starting in Rouen, then Honfleur, Caen, and Saint-Malo. We rented a car (I highly recommend) and were able to take our time getting from town to town as well as take in the picturesque French landscape. It is slightly different driving in France as all the signs are different and they take speeding very seriously so go the exact speed limit, or under for that matter 😂.

Here is a glimpse of a few of the spots we visited on our journey. I had a lot of fun going back in time but realized I didn't take too many photos, what I do have are great reference!
Honfleur: You can see my Honfleur travel guide here - this was one of my favorite small towns in France. The small cobblestone lanes and colorful homes and businesses didn't even look real. The food market and fresh fish market in the mornings was incredible. We stayed at the Iba Honfleur, it was inexpensive, small, and clean - we were only there to sleep!
Dinan | Brittany Area: 

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