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My Christmas List: Blogmas14' Day 11

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This year the common theme among most of us is how we don't want anything this year, just love and happiness. When my parents and bf asked for my Christmas list this year it was really hard to make one because there is really nothing that I NEED. However, if I had to pick anything these are the things that I would choose.

1 // SNOW. Hands down, this is the main thing I want this Christmas. I am actually quite upset because it's supposed to be 50 degrees on Saturday. 50!!! That is like summertime weather. I won't give up asking for snow during my bedtime prayers…let's hope that they come true soon!

2// Nail Polish. I love painting my nails and trying new colors, ergo, I want more nail polish!

3// Love & Family. Another thing that I really want this Christmas is for my family to all get along and to have a good holiday season. Is that too much to ask?

4// Sugar cookies. You saw from my post yesterday that I love sugar cookies, I definitely need to add some pounds to midsection strictly for sugar cookies.

5// Slippers. I love these slippers, they will make me feel like a holiday elf and I just want them to decorate my feet.

6// Sleep. This is self explanatory. All I want for Christmas is some sleep and more sleep.

7// Puppy. I REALLY want a puppy. Now is not a good time…I don't have the right kind of house or the right time. I went to the humane society the other day and played with some puppies and was in tears walking out because I wanted to rescue them all:(

8// Starbucks. I love coffee (foo foo coffee) and I love Starbucks. What better way to spread the holiday season then a cute red cup filled with frothy goodness? 

Tomorrow's prompt is "winter activity." This could be your favorite winter activity, something you used to do, something you want to do, etc. Have fun with it!

Thank you for joining in with me and Ash

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  1. You can never go wrong with sleep and Starbucks :)

  2. I said the same thing in my post! I have such a hard time coming up with lists because I don't technically neeeed anything.

    & I'm with you on snow. Yes, yes, yes. By me, it'll be like 48 this weekend! I was like come on! What is this weather?! I'm happy I'm not the only one who wants snow and colder temps.. everyone I know is jumping for joy and I secretly want a foot of snow to come overnight haha. Also, can I tell you that I love that you pray for snow? I always feel like my prayers have to be so serious so it's really refreshing to be reminded that we can pray and talk to God about ANYTHING.

    Those slippers They're like chic elf-ware haha. & I'm the same as you with the puppies. When we adopted our dog I was so happy to get him but also sad leaving all the other dogs there. Can't I just have a big farm where 50 dogs can run around?! haha

  3. Want a quick and easy puppy deterrent? Captain, my sweet and loving rescue who I wouldn't trade for the entire world, has peed on the couch -TWICE. LOL

  4. Snow?!! I have enough where I live to give tonssss away!! It actually hindered me from getting my Christmas cookie supplies yesterday :(

  5. I will trade you some of our snow for a smile, see I am not asking much. Love your list

  6. I really, really, really want a puppy as well! : D

  7. That puppy is so cute! Hopefully it will be the right time for a puppy soon!

  8. This totally made my night…I laughed and I know that's bad because I would be so mad if my puppy peed on the couch…twice!! Thank you for the puppy deterrent…for now;)

  9. Oh no:( Hopefully you can get to all your Christmas shopping soon!!

  10. I am so glad someone agrees with me on the snow…FINALLY!!! haha those slippers are totally "elf-chic!" That is so cute…ugh I definitely want them now!! Aw you adopted a dog, what kind??