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11 Tips To Traveling Alone

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I'm home! Well, almost. The Denver airport is currently keeping me unoccupied during this 5 hour layover. I feel like I have been on a deserted island for the past week. My cell service was horrible, I had the crappiest Internet, and my iPad sucks at trying to post blog posts. With that, I decided I was going to just enjoy my vacation and jump on the bandwagon again once I returned.

I learned a lot over this trip, and not just about the South Bay and Los Angeles Area. I don't think I will ever travel alone again...I missed enjoying things with the people I love. However, I do think everyone needs to travel alone sometime in their life. The amount of time I had thinking and listening to my own thoughts is off the charts but it was well worth it. I am going home renewed, refreshed, and completely content with where my life is going.


Here is a list of things you need to do or think about while traveling alone:

1. Try new things everyday on your trip. It's just you, embrace that and challenge yourself.

2. Keep a journal, blog, or photo diary of your trip so you remember every detail. You will be bummed if you can't remember what you did the second day you were there.

3. Take pictures!!

4. Everyday, find a spot that is peaceful and soak it all in. I would spend a good hour everyday by the beach. I didn't have my cell phone or computer, it was just me and I had quality time to myself.

5. Go to bed at a decent time and wake up early. There was nothing more exciting for me than waking up at 7 and riding my bike along the beach. You find new "hole in the wall" places when you get a head start on the day!

6. Drink a lot of water! Most of those who travel have a jam-packed schedule, drinking water will help keep you energized and keep everything in your system moving the way it should:).

7. Talk to strangers. Yes, I know...we were always told not too, however, talking to strangers helps bring you out of your shell and you might even make a friend. Whether you simply say "hi" or carry a conversation, it will be beneficial to both.

8. Ask the locals about all the hidden treasures in the city. I was fortunate to have a family member show me around some of the days I was away...but if I didn't my next stop would have been the local grocery store asking where the best mom and pop restaraunts are.

9. Take some form of public transportation...at least once. I rode the metro AND the bus in L.A.the metro was fine but the bus had me worried. There were some suspicious looking people and I was only 3 streets away from skid row. Not my best advice but you will be amazed how you feel confident afterwards.

10. Watch the sunsets. Wherever you are, or wherever you go, sunsets happen but they look so different with the change of scenery. I love watching the sun set over the cornfields in South Dakota, but I will substitute that for a beach sunset any day.

11. Enjoy yourself. Smile. Learn a lot. Open your mind to new experiences. And at the end of the day, be blessed that you had this time all to yourself. It's worth it.

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