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Fashion Photo Bloopers

8:31:00 AM

Since most of you are probably off the clock getting ready for a great weekend (or working as quick as you can so 5 o'clock comes sooner), I don't want to bore you with a lengthy post to read…so here are some pictures to look at:).

"It's Freeeeeeeeeezzzzing"
"Hold On Let Me Fix My Hair"
"There, that's much better"
"See, isn't my hair so much better?!?"
"Hey look, this is my sexy pose."
Hey, it's me, Taylor…posing with a trailer.  I think this would make a great next family picture…don't you?!
One word: knats.
"Ok, let me smell my hair real quick before you take the picture."
Backstory: I was "posing" in the middle of a fairly busy road and when cars would come we would obviously run to the side…then run back out to take the picture. This is me, running.
And after I was done running, I obviously had to adjust everything. Fix hair, pull down shorts, put boobs back in place, etc., etc.
"Ha! One of these days I will hopefully learn to stop talking and take a good picture!"

Have a safe and wonderful Memorial Weekend!

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  1. This is hilarious! I love seeing the realness behind pictures! You are adorable.

  2. These are great! Blooper pictures are always so much more real. And the outfits still look great! Happy weekend!

  3. HAHAH, this is awesome! Love seeing behind the scenes real-ness, too cute!

  4. Haha thank you!! It's funny because when I am going through trying to find good ones to post the majority of photos look like this!

  5. Thanks dear! Hope all is well. I love a good blooper photo!!

  6. Thank you Anne! Have a great week!!

  7. Thanks Emelia!! Have a wonderful rest of your week!