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Spring Staples Every Gal Needs

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There are some very similar pieces that I am gravitating towards this spring when it comes to my wardrobe. Shift dresses, lace, vibrant prints, and the color pink are all on my radar this season. It hasn't been terribly warm here in South Dakota, so I am able to still wear some long sleeve tops, my jean jacket and boyfriend jeans.

This spring I have been trying to focus on "classic" pieces that I can wear for the next few seasons. I hate buying a cute top and have it go out-of-style the next year. It's just not worth it to me to only wear something one season. Below I have pulled together some of my looks to go over the classic pieces from each.

1 // Chambray Top: I am hoping that this trend sticks around for awhile. Chambray tops are easy to pair with just about anything, their versatility is endless and I feel like this is a basic all women (and men) should have in their closet.

2 // LBD: As ladies, we all need to own a little black dress. If you are struggling with what to wear you can dress up or dress down an LBD for any occasion. A little black dress is another great staple to have in your closet.

3 // Boyfriend Jeans: Boyfriend jeans are a necessity. Not only are they cute but they are extremely comfortable. You can wear them all day and dress them up for the night. Once again, versatility is the key here and boyfriend jeans are very versatile.

4 // Printed/ Textured Shorts: I don't think it's necessary that every woman own a pair of lace shorts but I do think every gal should own some sort of printed or textured short. The Loft for example has so many cute printed shorts…the options are endless! Printed shorts, in my opinion, are easy to wear; throw on a simple tee or blouse and you are good to go.

5 // Maxi Dress: It's apparent the maxi dress hasn't gone out of style beings that it's back again this season. I challenge you to track down one maxi dress that fits you perfectly. Personally, I had the hardest time finding a maxi dress that I liked. They all draped oddly and stopped at my ankles (and I'm only 5'6!). I was excited when I found this one at Lot2029 because the fit was right and the length perfect. Score!

6 // Shift Dress: Every gal should have a shift dress in her closet. These dresses are perfect for those days when you are bloated and feeling "fat." I'm not kidding. The bigger the better too. Find a cute shift dress that you love and take it home. You know those nights when your significant other wants to take you out, or your girlfriends are begging you to join them for dinner but you are at home in sweats and a baggy tee? We have all been there and a shift dress is the way to go. You will look beautiful and sexy all while being comfortable!

7 // Prints: I haven't bought too many prints this year because some prints can be difficult to wear multiple seasons depending on the trends. I do however love a subtle plaid print and floral print. Those two prints will never go out of style in my book. I will be that 90 year old lady rocking a bold floral print and boyfriend jeans.

8 // Denim Jacket: Regardless that the weather is nice in the spring and summer, there are still days or nights when it gets cooler and a jean jacket is a great piece to have for those occasions. I love throwing on my jean jacket to "finish" the look of an outfit I'm wearing. This is one piece that you can have and wear for years to come.

Ok ladies, what are some staple pieces that you have added to your closet this season?!

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  1. Have to agree with you here but you have the figure to look good in anything