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Distressed Denim

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Denim // Floral Top // Black Lace Scarf // Rebecca Minkoff Look-Alike (The Real Thing) // Heels // Bracelets // Essie's "Fiji"

I have always been a fan of distressed denim, but sometimes it can be hard to pull off. Even in these jeans I feel like my legs look a little bigger than they should, but whatever! The brand is Flying Monkey; if you haven't heard of it, you are missing out! The jeans have a lot of stretch in them, not the kind of stretch that is too big to wear the next day though. I hate jeans that don't even stretch the slightest…it feels like you're wearing a cast all day. 

Yesterday was a pretty productive day, I found a couple of jobs to apply for (fingers crossed) and I explored the city some more. There is something so fun about finding new places and new things to do in a larger city that you call your home. 
Do you explore your city much? Or do go other places to explore?

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